Stunning Renovation of the Ark House in Australia

We have been impressed seeing different house renovations in past posts. But we really cannot deny it how vast and extreme the renovations turn out to be creating a home that you will never be able to recognize as the same humble home that once seated on the exact the same lot. Today, we are going to show you a lovely renovation of a holiday home with a modern and contemporary design for the exterior and interior.

What we are going to feature today is a home renovation project named The Ark. The project is also a renewal and third interpretation of a holiday home located in Point Lonsdale, a coastal town in Victoria, Australia. For 60 years, the house was occupied by the family wherein the original 1950’s beach shack home was renovated in the early 1980’s. But it was once again renovated because of the growing extended family. Due to the coastal environment, wearing was also obvious in the old house. One feature of the existing house that was retained is the striking stow-storey curved wall, 45 degrees timber cladding oriented and second storey raking roof. Aside from retaining these elements, the brief also says that the house living spaces has to be enlarged and be filled with light giving them a relaxed and playful family beach house atmosphere.

Such a beautiful home design with a mix of materials and some glass windows that allow light to enter the interior.

Victoria, Australia I love how it utilized wood for the decking and even for the ceiling.

The Ark Australia A complete recladding in spotted gum shiplap angled at 45 degrees was done in the house.

timber skin wrapping Continuous timber skin wrapping on this sculptural form had an added timber rain screen over the raking roof.

timber skin wall The refurbished original building looks sculpted and smoothed with bold and sharp details.

black divider The new addition increased the size of the kitchen and living spaces providing an attached bedroom/bathroom pavilion.

clean kitchen design The interior of the house is just serene and calm and totally beautiful as it used wood and white together.

contrasting sofa set Take note of the skylight in this living area that continuous into the window of the house.

living area In this picture, you can see the angle of the house as well as the living area from the kitchen.

The Ark Australia And this is just a glimpse of the bathroom with a nice calming design.

Isn’t this lovely? I like the idea that it has a humble design but truly eye-catching and definitely modern! Even the interior is very nice too that would give the owners a living arrangement that suits to their lifestyle. A wonderful design indeed from Bower Architecture who managed to make a unique ark-style house without being too simple or too boring. One of the home designs I’m digging! Do you like it too?