Say It with 20 Typography Wall Art Decors

Express yourself in whatever way you want. You can do that by writing, singing, dancing, and even by creating lovely stuffs. Making home decors can be a good way for self-expression especially if you do it with letters or type. So, today, I created a list of beautiful typography wall art decors which you can make too.

If you are currently at home now and really wanted to do some artworks, them stay on this round-up and I am sure you will be able to finish one after seeing the awesome wall arts below. You can work with just anything you have right now. With the ideas below, I am sure you can make one for your own home. Join us today for another creative DIY round-up!

1. Make Your Own Typographic Art

Make Your Own Typographic Art Cut letters from a magazine, arrange them creatively, paint over it and have it enlarged after being photocopied. And the result is amazing!

2. Faux Moss Word

Faux Moss Word

Crafted Blog

This one looks very interesting using moss flocking after some paper-mache.

3. Metallic Letters

Metallic Letters

Creative Index

Paper mache letters were painted to make it look metallic! Beautiful!

4. Song Lyric Wall Art

Song Lyric Wall Art Cut letters from old maps or patterned paper to create something like this.

5. Cut Out Letter Posters

Cut Out Letter Posters

How About Orange

Pop-up letters could look really nice as a poster in your wall.

6. DIY Scrabble Tile Wall Art

DIY Scrabble Tile Wall Art

Whatcha Mccall It

Decorate your walls like you are playing scrabble and you will surely enjoy doing it!

7. Wood-stain Typography Art Tutorial

Wood-stain Typography Art Tutorial

View Along the Way

Get some wood, add stain, place vinyl letters, paint over it, remove the letters and voila!

8. Letter Coatrack

Letter Coatrack

Oh Happy Day

Add more life to a boring coat rack by making letters like this one!

9. Gold Typography Wall Art

Gold Typography Wall Art


This one is lovely! Make some typography wall art in gold using four different materials. Just pick one that works best for you.

10. Hi Painting

Hi Painting


Use a kitchen sponge to create this fun looking and simple wall art.

11. Clipboard Wall Art

Clipboard Wall Art

Madigan Made

Stenciled letters clipped on a clipboard could also look nice on the wall. Why haven’t I thought of this?

12. Nail String Art

Nail String Art

Brit + Co.

Nails and strings aren’t new to you so I know you will be able to make one like this.

13. Ombre Quote

Ombre Quote

Sarah Hearts

Ombre is love! And who said you can’t do that to your wall art too?

14. Quotes on Canvas

DIY Wire Metal Coffee Table


With magazine pages and patterned paper under white paint, you will get this artistic result!

15. Junk Mail

Beautiful Birch

Modge Podge Rocks

Junk mail will also be useful by cutting it into different sizes and putting them all together! Creative!

16. DIY Vintage Marquee

DIY Vintage Marquee

Brit + Co.

Obviously, this one is from Brit + Co. using cardboard letters and some lights!

17. Hanging Wall Banner

Hanging Wall Banner


Made from fabric place mats and iron on letters, you can place a banner on your walls like this.

18. Paint Chip Wall Art

Paint Chip Wall Art

A Beautiful Mess

Got some paint chips at home? Turn them into an artwork with some words on top of it.

19. Thumbtack Typography

Thumbtack Typography

Jessica Hische on Flickr

This one is really neat! Sketch the letters on the wall and put thumbtacks following the lines.

20. Quilled Monogram

Quilled Monogram


Paper quilling is indeed fun! You can make many letters if you want to but of course, that would require more effort.

Let your walls speak for you with typography wall art! You can do it in whatever way you want. The DIY ideas above are enough to fuel your ideas on what you can do with your own wall art decor! You can also try other wall decors as well if you are not into type. But whatever you do, as long as you let your creative self express what you want, you will never fail! Want more DIY Ideas? We have a lot to show you so be back for more here on Home Design Lover!