20 Wonderful Rectangular Mirror Home Decors

Using mirrors as decorative items inside the house – wherever the location may be – your living rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens or even in bedrooms allows your space to be magnified depending on the size of the mirrors you are displaying. I am sure that both home owners and designers want to create a wider space for the home they are building or designing because, who doesn’t want a spacious home right?

What we have for you today is a list of 20 Wonderful Rectangular Mirror Home Decors that sure are beautiful and really eye catching. Truth be told, I am really fascinated with mirrors because it allows you to add a glam touch to your designated space. Take a look at the few sample mirrors we have below and tell us what you think about them.

1. Acorn Mirror

Rectangular Mirror Home Decors

Steel Partners Inc.

Every piece the designers’ create is unique – handcrafted at their factory in Chehalis, Washington, USA. Pretty awesome right?

2. Amory Wood Mirror

Amory Wood


Twigs, perhaps driftwood spray painted – super awesome!

3. Black Lacquer Mirror w/ Chinoiserie Scenery Motif

Black Lacquer

China Furniture and Arts

Grand in size with an intricately hand painted frame, the top panel of this mirror features idyllic Chinoiserie scenery. The entire frame is finished in black lacquer, giving it a shiny and polished look.

4. Centurian Mirror

Rectangular Mirror Home Decors

Zuo Pure

This Centurian is way fun and fancy for my taste, but still glamorous!

5. Colorful New York City Mirror

Colorful New

Oriental Furniture

Wide frame wall mirror featuring a cityscape design surrounding high-quality mirror glass. Black and white New York City skyline is accented with colorized skyscrapers in bright hues.

6. Danby Mirror

Murray Feiss

Murray Feiss

Modern Contemporary Mirror in Rustic Silver with Clear glass from the Danby Collection by Murray Feiss.

7. Dorigrass Brown Metal Mirror

Dorigrass Brown


Frame is made of hand forged metal finished in distressed mocha brown with black undertones and golden brown highlights.

8. Green Rectangle Rustic Shutter Wall Mirror

Green Rectangle


You will not go wrong with this window shutter rustic green mirror that looks like 1950s European style windows. With a wooden frame polished rustic green, this beveled mirror will add elegance and style to any living space.

9. Harwin Mirror

Rectangular Mirror Home Decors


The whimsical pattern of the Harwin mirror adds artistic pizzazz to any room. The beveled mirror gives way to a more contemporary style. Sleek and sophisticated.

10. In Leather Mirror – Milky

In Leather

Essential Decor Inc.

I am just not sure about you, but this does not remind me of anything milky – expect zebra. Oh, wait! Are they milky?

11. Loudon Large Bronze Mirror

Loudon Large


Here is one rectangular mirror that is placed horizontally to show a more wider angle wherever you actually strategically place this piece.

12. Marriot Mirror

Cyan Design

Cyan Design

Panels of mirrors and angular placement create an interesting look to the frame of this Cyan Design wall mirror. This rectangular mirror from the Marriot Collection features rivet-inspired accents throughout the exterior layers of the mirror, which give an industrial look to the frame.

13. Mediterranean Wall Mirror

Capital Lighting

Capital Lighting

A Mediterranean wall mirror with beautiful detailing on it.

14. Mother of Pearl Contemporary Mirror

Mother Pearl

Renaissance Kitchen and Home

A classic design for a mirror at home – if you want that regal touch to your space, this is the one for you!

15. Sleek Mirror with Sophisticated Design Wooden Leather

Wooden Leather


Sleek and luxurious mirror with sophisticated design wooden leather. A stately home deserves a stately mirror.

16. Teak Root Natural Rectangular Natural Teak Mirror

Teak Root


This stately mirror features a natural, unfinished, sculpted teak root frame. Mirror has a generous 1 1/4″ bevel. May be hung either horizontal or vertical.

17. Ujana Mirror

BwCollier Interior

BwCollier Interior Design

Beveled mirror with glass tiled frame, need I say more?

18. Versailles Mirror

One Coast

One Coast Design

If you’re going for glorious, this glass mirror with a gold frame will serve you well. Hand painted and featuring Swarovski crystals, the attention to detail is outstanding and will leave anyone who lays eyes upon it impressed.

19. White River Wall Mirror

White River

Kenroy Home

A classic, symmetrically tiled design of Natural Slate strips create a majestic frame with a finished, rustic appeal.

20. Grand Palais Floor/Buffet Mirror

Rectangular Mirror Home Decors

Hooker Furniture

The essence of luxurious European traditional style, Grand Palais features bold scaling, dramatic shaping and exquisite design details.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the 20 Wonderful Rectangular Mirror Home Decors that pretty much complement with the fascinating modern mirrors that are available in the market. It is true that there are a lot more out there which makes perfect sense because there are more and more innovators that would want to showcase the designs they have for mirrors that will always be a staple in a home – functional or decorative.