15 Geometrical and Artisitc Modern Round Area Rugs

Making one’s home beautiful is sometimes a challenge for some. It can even eat up one’s time in merely designing the entire home. In doing that, one would get items like displays, window treatments, jars, centerpieces, throw pillows, rugs and many others. Rugs particularly are used in every home. It serves not just for aesthetics but it also serves as a soft and warm floor covering especially for cold floorings like ceramic tiles and marble. Rugs adds up the beauty together with the interior design of every home. It comes in different design and colors depending on what the home’s interior design concept is.

Your home could be modern or contemporary, traditional or eclectic or whatever it may be. But whichever design concept or theme you have in your homes, it will surely make use of rugs. But for today’s post, we will give you a showcase of modern round rugs that are usually seen in today’s homes. Most of them make use of neutral and warm colors. They also use geometric shapes and curves. Most of them look very creative and artistic in a minimal point of view. Well, you will get to understand what we are talking about when you scroll down and see what we have collected for you.

Custom Design

Custom Design


The combination of colors make it look so modern and would be apt for a room of contrasting colors.

Kinetic and Network Round Rugs

Round Rugs

Touch of Class

Artistic area rugs that contain an abstract look and would enhance the look of your home.

Mickey Modern Round Rug

Modern Round Rug


Look for the hidden mickey in this modern rug of black and white.

Modern Rug Green

Artistic Rug Green

Masada Rugs

A green rug mixed with biege, brown and white in a combination of shapes.

Tricolour Spiral

Spiral rug

Kate Fly

A black round rug with the three primary colors in a swirling circle.

Mondarian 24 Circle

Circle rugs

Rug Store

A very cute circular rug with circles of different colors inside it for a modern contemporary look.

Mohawk Home Ink Swirl Cocoa

Ink Swirl Cocoa

Home Depot

A swirl like a hot cocoa on brown shades that would fit in a room of white and biege color.

Round Area Rugs

Round Area Rugs

Gandia Blasco

A hand knotted and hand tufted wool product created into this beautiful rug.

Parcello Cosmos Rugs

polka dots round rug


Look how lovely this rugs are in polkadots and circles that comes in two different colors.

Pinwheel Round Rug

Pinwheel Round Rug


So beautiful with its light colors forming into a pinwheel. This one also comes in a rectangular shaped rug.

Handmade Rodeo Drive Round Rugs

Handmade Round Rugs


Modern rugs that look creative and artistic with its shades of biege and brown.

Round Rug

retro design Round Rug


Notice how this round rug created a distinct personality to the living room.

Modern Round Rug Brown

Modern Round Rug Brown

Masada Rugs

This one made use of squares for this geometric rug that can make a good statement for your home.

Onitiva Rug

fur print rug


Trendy animal print furs are used in this rug in a patchwork creating an elegant appearance.

Permafrost Rugs

Permafrost Rugs


These plain colored rugs are good for minimal interiors with a unique touch.

Well, this collection is just a simple glimpse at other interesting designs of area rugs and carpets. The design you will choose will surely affect how your interior would look like. It can also tell the kind of personality you have. So, be careful in choosing rugs for they could only be part of your home’s accessories and decorations but it can actually create a great impact to the entire look of your home. So, choose the ones that truly suit your home. You can also consult interior designers to make sure that you are on the right track.