A Light Slowly Drips Paint Around It and It is Surprising!

I don’t know about you but this lighting that we will feature today is totally distinct. At first you might wonder what unique feature it has because of its shape. It appears like a usual and normal light with a round shape. But if you do not know what this light does, you will be amazed that something starts to drip from the top to the bottom of the sphere. I guess that would look a bit creepy too especially if it came as a surprise for you, but there is no reason to be afraid because this is really how the Dripping Light works.

This Dripping Light is designed by Jordi Canudas which is a lamp or installation piece wherein black paint slowly drips from the top of the spherical lamp. It used a dripping machine to do the trick. Slowly, the dripping paint shades the light. The dripping machine turns at one revolution per hour to create this unique lighting.

Jordi Canudas It looks like some kid poured paint on this light. But no, it doesn’t look like that for fun but it really is designed that way.

drip lighting In an exhibit, people were waiting for the paint to drip and watch the wonder of this Dripping Light.

Dripping Light This is how the light works. From a clean white sphere to a paint covered one.

round floor light A better look at how the light shows you its trick!

Dripping Light Look at how the light seems to leak from above. It can use a different color of paint too.

I wonder if you have to refill the paint for this one. But I guess it works like a chocolate fountain wherein everything just goes back inside and then our dripping again. This one is indeed a distinct idea from Jordi Canudas who have left many people in awe. Are you one of those who was amazed of this lighting?