A Heartbeat Inspired Shelf Will Bring Life to Your Homes

People are really getting more and more creative. Designers as well as artists get their inspiration from everywhere. But as I have observed, their favorite and best inspiration are nature and living things including humans. No wonder there are many items that take shapes of animals and others. Even some inventions that we find useful are designed based on the principles of nature. Amazing, right? Would you believe that even your heartbeat has inspired a thing we can use for the home? Once you see this, you will believe me.

A shelf called Beat-Shelf was designed by Van Tjalle en Jasper. The duo said that the design came to life with the question that they challenged themselves to answer: “What would be the most iconic sign that could represent life? What could really express the meaning of life?” They then realized that the “most archaic and universal sign of life must be a heartbeat line” and the shelf was born. The look of a heartbeat line could easily be recognized in the design because of its clean and sleek look.

Van Tjalle en Jasper But it isn’t just designed for the sake of following a heartbeat line. It has slits where you can place magazines and books. While on the top of the spikes, you can place a book you are reading so you will not lose the page where you’re at.

shelf Because of the design of the shelf, book ends are no longer needed. It can hold your books well. No problem of any books falling down from the shelf.

Heartbeat The Beat-Shelf will surely be a head turner once placed in the house because of its iconic design.

built-in shelf It is made from rough solid wood; be it American walnut, Oliveashor European oak.

heartbeat shelf These are meticulously made making sure that each board has the right width and thickness.

Beat-Shelf It is finished with furniture oil and comes with custom made suspension used to hang it on the wall using two screws.

Really creative, right? I bet you’ll agree with that because of how this shelf looks like. The Beat-Shelf is created by Van Tjalle en Jasper in their workshop in Amsterdam. In case you would like to know its dimensions, it is 120 x 30 x 55 cm and weighs 12 kg. Would you get a queer looking shelf for your walls? Me? I would!