15 Asian Themed Screens and Wall Dividers

Some homes have an open plan layout but would sometimes need screens or wall dividers to add some privacy on some areas in the interior. It can actually be done by adding a fixed shelf or partition. But some homeowners prefer to use screens and wall dividers that can be moved, transferred and replaced when they want to. These can be used in the bedroom or in other areas of the house.

If you have an Asian interior, it would be nice to get a screen wall divider that also have an Asian theme. Doing so will complete the Asian look of your interior. Aside from its function, it can also be a good decoration especially if you pick a divider with a lovely design. You have so many options from simple ones to printed ones just like what you are about to see below.

Double Sided Cherry Blossoms and Love Canvas Room Divider

Asian Wall Dividers

Oriental Furniture

For a Chinese style, these wall dividers will be perfect! One side has a serene ink watercolor Sumi-e style painting of a blossoming plum tree while the back shows a classic brush art rendering of the Hanzi symbol for Love.

Wayborn Chinese Oakwood West Lake Room Divider in Brown

brown Room Divider


Made from Chinese Oakwood in brown smooth finish and an antique geometric design.

3 Panel Screen – White – Black Finish

3 Panel divider

Bassett Mirror

If you want to retain some modern touch while giving an Asian look, this wall divider adorned with Gingko leaf design motif is best for you!

Dakota Screen

asian divider

Screen Gems Furniture Accessories

Go minimal with this Dakota 4 panel floor window pane screen in a brown solid hardwood frame.

Harmony Garden Room Divider

Harmony Garden Room Divider

Screen Gems Furniture Accessories

Create your own “Secret Garden” just like what is painted and carved in this wall divider.

Double Sided Cherry Blossoms Room Divider

Cherry Blossoms Divider

Oriental Furniture

Japan’s cherry blossom could spread love in your home with this awe-inspiring screen. On the front is a photo of Matsumoto Castle while the back features a cherry tree grove in stunning pink blossoms.

Wayborn Chinese Oakwood Full House Room Divider in Brown

Chinese Room Divider


Three panel Asian styled geometric patterned wall divider made from Chinese Oakwood that could add beauty in your space while doing its usual function.

Extra-Tall Shoji Screen w Honey Finish and Double-Cross Grids

asian wall divider design

The Room Divider Store

Aside from giving your room your much needed privacy, you will also be able to add some Asian style to your home with this shoji screen in Honey finish.

6 ft. Tall Double Sided Thai Buddha Room Divider

Thai Buddha Room Divider

Oriental Furniture

Two distinctive ancient Southeast Asian Buddha statues make this wall divider appear outstanding especially that they are designed with some beautiful flowers in the foreground.

Asian Screen

Asian wall divider

Soul and Love Designs

An impeccable vintage Asian wall divider that will surely make a statement in any room!

Pink Leaf

Pink Leaf divider


Add some feminine touch to the interior using this pink oak screen with leaf and circle decorative panels.

Plum Blossom

Plum Blossom divider

Screen Gems Furniture Accessories

Plum blossoms printed in canvas that offers a different set of blooms on each side could bring out the sweetness in your Asian interior.

Pine Layered

Pine Layered divider

Screen Gems Furniture Accessories

This screen uses bamboo that gives your decor a natural look while the pine frame provides sturdy discreetness.

Wayborn Suchow Window Room Divider in Antique Black

Wayborn Suchow Window Room Divider in Antique Black


Made from Solid Basswood in Antique Black color- a divider that could best suit your Asian space!


Bamboo divider

Screen Gems Furniture Accessories

Create a sense of intimacy with this three-panel and dual-image canvas screen with a bamboo design.

These screens and wall dividers are indeed Asian in appearance. Just imagine how it would look in an interior with all Asian decors around! But if you have a contemporary interior, you can always one that suits your style too. We have showcased some contemporary screens and wall dividers where you will find beautifully designed items to spice up your interior.