Tips in Designing a Small Dining Room

Every home has a different size and shape that is why every room inside the house varies, too. There are some homes that have small rooms. Designing a small room can be challenging but it is of course possible to still come up with a great design. For today, we will talk about how to design a small dining room. This is for homeowners who are trying to get a larger look for their dining room despite the small are available.

There are different ways on how you can give a visually larger space to a certain room. But there are also some points that are particularly directed to small dining room designs. So, let us now look into the tips we have prepared for you so you can achieve a good looking dining area that is not too fussy. Here we go:

1. Consider the scale.

Consider the scale

When we speak of scale, this means that the size of your furniture has to be right with the size of your room. Since we are talking about small dining rooms, you have to use furniture that is not too big and bulky for the area. You have to make sure that the dining furniture is scaled according to the available space in the dining room.

2. Choose the right table.

Choose the right table

Tables are one of the important furniture in the dining room. Hence, you have to make sure that you’ll pick not just the right size but also the right shape. A small dining room can look best with a round table or a small rectangular table. You can also choose the ones with leaf so that you can extend it if you have guests around.

3. Use armless chairs.

Use armless chairs

Seats with arms look bulky which requires more room. So, instead, use those without arms for they work best in small rooms. Aside from that, chairs that are slender will also be perfect for it will use little space and can also make your room look larger. There are so many slender dining chairs these days. You can even have it customized for your room.

4. Use transparent materials.

Use transparent materials

There are furniture that use transparent materials like glass, pexiglass or acrylic. Use this for your dining room. Like the concept of using mirrors, this one can also create an appearance of the room to look larger as it actually is. This also looks more elegant and sophisticated. Just perfect for your small dining area.

5. Use light colors.

Use light colors

If you use dark colors, it will make your room look smaller and might even give the feeling of being boxed in. So, use light colors and neutral colors to make it look larger. You can actually play with other bold colors but make sure that you’ll not overdo. Also, if you want to use different colors in the room, you have to limit the number of colors.

6. Use simple window treatments.

Use simple window treatments

If your dining area is beside a window or near a window, it is advisable to use simple window treatments. Using valances and other intricate designs will make the area look crowded. So, choose window treatments with light colors and simple designs. This can be a simple panel or maybe some blinds.

7. Place mirrors.

Place mirrors

Mirrors and glass can always contribute in making a room look visually larger. This happens because light bounces from the materials and into the room. So, place mirrors and use items with glass. You can use a glass table top for your dining table.

8. Use a modest chandelier.

Use a modest chandelier

Most dining areas use chandeliers. In this case, you can still use chandeliers but only those that are simple for it can make the table appear larger. There are different chandeliers that you can choose from. You choose a design that best fits your dining room’s interior. You can also try using pendant lights instead of a chandelier.

9. Open up the ceiling.

Open up the ceiling

If your ceiling is low, it would give a boxed feeling. You can try having a vaulted ceiling or a tray which will make the area appear more spacious. Also, it can add beauty to your small dining room. Then place your chandelier at the center of your decorative ceiling. For sure, you’ll be able to achieve the kind of dining room you’ll love.

10. Place simple decorations and accessories.

Place simple decorations and accessories

When you decide to add some decorations for your dining room, choose those that are simple. Decorations like a centerpiece can be good but always remember the scale. Do not place a very big centerpiece for it will eat up your table’s look. The same principle applies for the accessories. It has to be simple also.

Designing a small dining room can be challenging but fun. Just make sure that in whatever you do, you bear in mind the right scale for the room and keep thing simple. These are the secret to come up with the best dining room design. You can also Get Creative in Accommodating More People in the Dining Room and get ideas from Essential Dining Area Tips for Better Social Gatherings.