Get Creative in Accommodating More People in the Dining Room

When you have designed your dining room, it is just enough for your family. It is only perfect for the entire family to dine in. But when guests arrive, what should you do? How can you accommodate a large group of people to dine in your home? Well, this isn’t really a big problem. One merely needs to be creative and could also make use of existing seats and tables in the house. But you can also prepare for events like this so that you will not be confused as to what you can do.

So, for today’s post, we will give you ideas on how you can accommodate more people to dine in your home. If you are fond of hosting gatherings, you can prepare a different room or an additional room for that. Or you can also opt for renting chairs and tables on special occasions. There are different solutions you can do. Here are some tips on to help you maximize your dining area when guests visit your home. Read on and get some ideas on how to do that.

1. Consider your lifestyle.

Consider your lifestyle

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First thing would be this. You have to bear in mind the kind of lifestyle you have. If you are fond of hosting parties and large gatherings, then you should create more spaces for the dining area or have two or three rooms for that. Place it as part of your floor plan before you actually build your home. Also, look into how many family members you have so you can provide comfortable seating for all of them.

2. Asses your dining needs.

Asses your dining needs

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First thing that you would need to do is to check your dining needs. This means how many people would dine in your area so you will know the number of seats you will provide. If you are fond of conducting gatherings for many people, you can choose to have two dining areas. Some homes have formal and informal dining areas while others make use of other spaces in the house when there is a need to accommodate more people.

3. Have multiple dining areas.

Have multiple dining areas

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To prepare for bigger number of people to dine in your home, you can have areas for that in your home. Like you can have two dining areas or you can create a wall partition that can be extended when the need arises. But this can only be applicable if there is enough space in your home.

4. Try using space outdoors.

Try using space outdoors

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Another option would be having a cottage in your garden where you can create an extended dining area. It can even be more refreshing for your guests since they can have a good view of your landscape. This can also be an added beauty to your house especially if you have opted for a good design of your cottage. You can also merely provide seating areas outside, too. It can also be a good place to dine.

5. Make use of group seating.

Make use of group seating

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One way to answer your problem about accommodating more people is by using group seating. You can use benches for it can allow more people to use it than individual seats. It can either be fixed or movable. You can place it in some areas if not in use. But when the need arises, you can bring the bench to your dining table.

6. Use seats from adjacent rooms.

Use seats from adjacent rooms

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If you are fond of entertaining guests, you can try this option by using the seating areas from an adjacent room. This works well in an open floor plan. This is also good when a large group is in your home. Others could be doing their own activities in a different room while the others are also having their own conversations in another area.

7. Look for other seating areas.

Look for other seating areas

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There are homes that are not really designed for many people to dine in. But there are some instances that some guests arrive at your home and of course, you would need to entertain them. Offer other seating areas available. Just get creative. You can even let them use ottomans, desk chairs, and others. Your guests merely want to take a seat and you do not have to offer a beautiful chair. They won’t really mind.

8. Opt for renting chairs and tables.

Opt for renting chairs and tables

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If you host some gatherings not so often, you can also opt for renting chairs and tables. This is the easiest answer to your problem. Anyway, you do not need to do it all the time. So, renting would be a good idea. There are different chairs and tables to be rented. You can choose which ones would fit the occasion. Some of them even come in various covers.

9. Use dining tables with leaves.

Use dining tables with leaves

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There are dining tables that extend in sizes. It can be a good solution in order to accommodate extra guests. For example, you can only accommodate four people in your dining table. If you have additional guests, add a leaf to the table which will let you add some seats, too. You can purchase these types of tables which can be square or round in shape.

10. Invest in portable tables.

Invest in portable tables

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You can also try purchasing portable tables. Just keep it if you will not yet use it. When you have large gatherings, then take it out. You can place it in your patio or in your backyard to create additional space for your guests. You can also place it around the living room if you do not have enough space. At least, they can also use the living room seating area as extension.

Well, it isn’t really hard to do right? You just have to get creative in how you can entertain more people especially if your dining area is just small. You really do not have to break down the walls in order to do that. We hope that this article could help you a lot with the ideas that we have given above. Look forward for more home design tips here at Home Design Lover.