20 Yellow Duvet Sets for a Happy and Gaiety Bedroom

What adds more color and beauty to our bedroom is the duvet set. These would come in different colors and prints that will bring excitement to a bedroom. I love to see lovely duvet sets and bedding sets because it could change the look of our bedroom in an instant. If we want to update our bedrooms, a new duvet set could easily give it the kind of look you want.

So, today, we will give you a list of yellow duvet sets that will make you feel happy and gaiety because of its bright color. Yellow is the color of the sunshine, lemons, egg yolk, and could add a lively feel to wherever we add them. It is even associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy and it gives a warming effect that tends to arouse cheerfulness and stimulates mental activity. Most of the duvet sets have other colors as accents to yellow and it just added to the beauty of the bedding set. If yellow is your favorite color, I am sure that you will fall in love with these duvet sets that we are going to feature today. Come take a look!

1. Selina

Yellow Duvet Sets

Chic Home

Look at the combination of yellow and green in this geometric duvet set!

2. Dandelion Mobile Duvet Cover

Mobile Duvet Cover

MissPrint Home

Sketchy dandelions are printed on this one for a charming bedroom bedding set.

3. Christy Okame

Duvet Saffron


You can also add some fresh feel in your bedroom with this floral fabrics.

4. Copleyn

Duvet Cover

Jill Rosenwald

Oh you chevron is love love love especially when they are yellow!

5. Polka Dot Duvet Cover

Yellow Duvet Sets

John Lewis

A light yellow polka dot cover would send you to dream land!

6. Traditional Yellow Duvet Set

Traditional Yellow Duvet Set

Lifestyle Furnishing

Intricate white floral swirls on yellow would definitely be stunning.

7. Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Lola Comforter Set & Accessories

yellow and gray duvet


This has a modern take on flowers and geometry in yellow and gray.

8. Dot Dash Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

Dot Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

John Lewis

This is a nice look for a duvet set combining dash, dots and other lines.

9. Mizone Allison Twin Coverlet

Twin XL Coverlet Set Yellow

Mizone Allison

Huge yellow flowers with gray and white accents will make your bedroom pretty in bloom!

10. Amapola Duvet Cover Set

Yellow Duvet Sets


Talk about flowers and this large yellow flowers would make you feel like you are sleeping on freshness!

11. Yellow Curtains And Duvet Sets

Yellow Curtains And Duvet Sets


You’d feel inspired and yes, well-rested in a beautiful and comfy set like this one!

12. Marley Yellow

bright yellow

Shop Inside

More chevron and yellows and grays! I so love this set. It looks so modern and stunning.

13. Rhodes Yellow Bed Linen

Yellow Bed Linen Collection This one seem to have fractals or florals in yellow and black. What a combination!

14. Dreamtime Floral Duvet Set By Essenza

floral duvet print

Idea Home Co.

See those lady bugs? Don’t they look real? Yes, they do because this set is a 3D floral duvet that is reversible.

15. Evergreen Yellow Duvet Cover Set

Yellow Duvet Sets

Le Vele

Brighten up your room with a cover with evergreen printed on yellow fabric.

16. Springtime Posey Duvet

Springtime Posey Duvet Isn’t this sweet? You can give your bedroom a cottage-y feel with this one!

17. Sun Flowers Floral

Sun Flowers Floral Pattern Duvet Set

Welcome to Earth

Sunflowers sure are yellow and when they are printed all over your sheet, you’d definitely feel mellow!

18. Saffron Yellow Quilt Cover

Saffron Yellow Quilt bed cover

Shop Inside

Catch a happy combination of retro shapes, sunny yellow and soft neutrals in this stunning set!

19. Chic Home Dorchester 8-Piece Comforter Set, Queen, Yellow

gray and yellow bed cover

Chic Home

You can go simple with lines, yellow and gray with a duvet set like this.

20. Iris Reversible Comforter Set

Yellow Duvet Sets


Wonderfully made floral silhouettes on yellow would be a pretty piece for the bedroom.

These yellow duvet sets are really pretty and charming! I know you agree with me especially if you love the color yellow. We have featured other duvets before too that are equally gorgeous and comfortable to use. We all know that aside from the color and design, it is important that the duvet set is comfy. So, before you get one, you have to check how it feels or if you are buying online, read the reviews of other buyers so you will know if it is the duvet set you are looking for.