20 Beautiful Bedrooms with Mirrors Above Night Stands

Brighten your bedrooms with mirrors above night stands.

A mirror practically adds up to the entire look of any room in the house but once it is placed in your bedroom, it has doubled its purpose. It is very practical in the most fundamental sense but it also can serve as a decor in your room. If you need one, any time you want to check yourself in the mirror, it will be readily available. If for decoration or aesthetic purposes only, it is definitely a good go-to addition to the ensemble.

If you think that your bedroom should only have one mirror in it, well, think again. The bedroom photos that you’d be seeing today will make you change your mind. Here are several pieces that you might want to check out. This list can give you additional ideas on what to do in your bedroom mirror if you are planning to put one up and how you might just want to do it.

bedroom nightstand mirrors

1. Oakland Hills Master Suite

Nicole Benveniste

Nicole Benveniste Interior Design

First on our list reminds me of gemstones and the fact that this is a mirror, it just doubles that effect. The light blue colors surrounding this small portion of the bedroom that we see gives an even more stunning effect as it is reflected on the mirror.

2. Aldine

Aldine Avenue

Michael Abrams Limited

Here are some big mirrors that are surely to kick some bottoms. Kidding aside, these mirror are really big and beautiful adding to the whole elegant look of this bedroom. If you prefer mirrors that show majority of your length, then you might want to put a mirror behind the night stand.

3. Park Lake

Park Lake

Scarlett Custom Homes & Remodeling

Similar to the previous bedroom, here are twin mirrors behind twin night stands. They are a bit big as well and they complement the whole ambiance the room is striving for.

4. Apartment Hyde Park

Apartment Hyde

Helen Green | London

This room is definitely a charm. The greys and silver are simply stunning. The slender mirrors are perhaps for aesthetic purpose more than practical purposes but nonetheless, these gorgeous mirror are pretty. The hanging lamps are really unique and beautiful as well.

5. Residence in Coal Harbour

Olive Es

Olive E + O

Not just one, not just two, but four big and beautiful mirrors in the bedroom plus two smaller ones behind the night stand. These are beautiful for decorative purposes and somehow creates an optical effect on the whole look of the bedroom.

6. Claremont Elegant Moroccan Master

Claremont Elegant

Laura Martin Bovard

Here’s a very gorgeous and elegant Moroccan-inspired bedroom. The look of the whole bedroom is absolutely beautiful. I love the details on the mirror frames above the night stands. But aside from that, I really like the fact that the chosen night stands are unique from each other.

7. Connecticut Bachelorette Bedroom

Connecticut Bachelorette

Nichole Loiacono Design

Here are two unique looking mirrors that have wooden frame. In addition to that, the two lamp shades are really pretty with the color contrast as well as the night stand we see from this angle.

8. Country Club Project Remodel

Club Project

Great Neighborhood Homes

This is a beautiful and elegant looking bedroom. The huge space was maximized well through the use of big night stands and big mirrors as well as an additional couch by the window. The colors in this room play out nicely thanks to the gorgeous lighting.

9. Upper Kirby Highrise Condo

Pearl Designx

Pearl Design

Here is one modern bedroom with very gorgeous and elegant decor and interiors. The choice of colors add to the modern look of this condo unit. The night stand is very unique because of the material and the mirror behind it is huge and complement well with the large glass windows.

10. Fulshear Project

Fulshear Project

Dodson Interiors

This bedroom has a very light aura thanks to the color choices. The light grey walls matches the shades of the lamps and the couches go well with the curtains and the bed. The night stands are a nice wooden shade and go really well with the mirrors above.

11. Whimsical Chicago

Whimsical Chicagox

W Design Interiors

Here’s one glamorous-looking bedroom due to the decor choice and interiors. The details on the mirrors above the night stands are really stunning as well as those we see on the wall paper. The chandelier is a good addition to the whole look of this bedroom.

12. Glam Whole House Makeover

JWS Interiorss

JWS Interiors

Space is not always an issue as evidenced by this bedroom. The floor space is not wide but the design has maximized the whole space by using a medium-sized bed and using of plain colors against minimal prints.

13. Grand House Chelsea

Helen Greenz

Helen Green

Another very elegant bedroom in this list. The choice of colors and prints and even the manner of putting them together has a certain regal effect on the whole look of this bedroom. The tall mirrors above the night stands blend perfectly in this bedroom.

14. Hudson Views

Hudson Views

Mehditash Design

These golden mirror frames are really unique-looking but thankfully, they match the handles of the drawers on the night stand. The bed looks really comfortable and I feel that this room has good ventilation and enough light enters into the bedroom during the day.

15. Hudson Waterfront Colonial

Hudson Water

Chango & Co.

That is a really nice looking vintage night stand. I really like how the lamp is placed on the side instead of the middle part. It lengthens further the mirror and is really practical when checking out yourself in front of it. The bed is more modern in contrast with the vintage night stand.

16. Karma House

Amara Prop

Amara Property Investments Ltd.

A very posh bedroom with modern fixtures and decor. The chandelier looks really well with the black accents included in the bedroom. The mirror above the night stands are really modern-looking and add to the entire look.

17. Lancelot Place

Lancelot Place

Anna Casa Interiors

Here’s another modern looking bedroom. That night stand visible on this angle is very gorgeous thanks to its elevated design and handle-less drawers. I really like how those windows add to light vibe of the room.

18. Miami Penthouse

Caporaso ASID

Catherine Caporaso, ASID

This bedroom is absolutely elegant and stunning, just look at that very big and beautiful chandelier. The beige and nude colors are really posh and add to the sophisticated energy and look of the room. The night stands are really beautiful and as if all fixtures are matches made in heaven, they really look good when put together.

19. Mission Bay Residence

Bay Reside

Melanie Stewart Design

A monochromatic motif is present in this bedroom and those mirrors above the night stands are perhaps more for aesthetic purposes than practical reasons, since a drawer or closet mirror might be a better option to consider.

20. Morningside

Luke Cartledge

Luke Cartledge Photography

This is a very wide bedroom and it shows modern fixtures that go well with all other pieces or parts of the room. The mirrors and those chandelier lamps are really sophisticated-looking and since the colors in this bedroom are more neutral and muted down, the whole room looks even more elegant. That fireplace even looks really classy and of course, perfect for the cozy evening you are planning.

I hope you had fun scanning through these 20 Bedrooms with Mirrors Above Night Stands. There are big ones and small ones, modern mirrors, and classic-looking ones but they really do add just the right oomph factor to the whole bedroom. Tell us what you think about this guys and share them with your friends!