20 Beautiful Bedrooms with Sunburst Mirrors

Add a lovely sunburst mirror in your bedroom for a more sophisticated vibe.

It’s possible that you already have seen the list that we have created about sunburst mirrors in the living room; because of that, we thought of creating another list about this awesome decor – only this time in the bedroom. The bedrooms that you would be seeing come in different colors and designs but they all have something in common – and those are the stunning sunburst mirrors!

Below are the bedrooms that will not only fascinate you, but also interest you in a way because of the sunburst mirrors that come along with each bedroom design. The sunburst mirrors are basically circular or oval mirrors with rays in them that make them look like the sun. The designs are cool and they are unique from each other – take a look and maybe choose a favorite!

sunburst mirror bedrooms

1. Floridian Villa

Floridian Villa

Pineapple House Interior Design

First on the today’s list is something from Pineapple House. The color palette used in here is really luxurious and calming – both at the same time. The baby blue and the white sure makes this room looks really expensive and passes for a beautiful bed and breakfast in the country.

2. Long Shore Home

Long Shore

Digs Design Company

The design of the sunburst mirror in this bedroom looks like petals of flowers. It matches well with the cabinet below it and I mean, the entire bedroom looks really fascinating. The color, the furniture and decoration – this beach side home sure is heavenly!

3. Monarch Beach

Monarch Beach

Blackband Design

Simple as it may seem, this bedroom sure has what it takes to fascinate and charm anyone who would see it for the first time. The white and blue combination of this space is really pretty and appealing.

4. Veranda House

Veranda House5

Rachel Reider Interiors

We have featured this home a couple of times now, but, why not, right? The place is beautiful and this bedroom is one example of why we feature this home too many times already. Notice how vintage-looking this sunburst mirror is and why it makes this space really interesting.

5. Vibrant Transitional Family Home

Vibrant Trans

Robeson Design

The oval sunburst mirror in this bedroom is in gold – something unique from the previous mirrors we have before it, the rays are smaller than the ones before it too. It’s nice that they used a gold one because it complements well with the browns in this bedroom.

6. Captain Fairfield

Captain Fairfield

Rachel Reider Interiors

A beautiful and symmetrical bedroom photo which showcases the most important things inside this space – beautiful printed drapes, a pair of charming table lamps and an amazing sunburst mirror. The color combination seen in this bedroom is quite a treat for the eyes. Do you agree?

7. Desert Rose

Desert Rose

Robeson Design

The color of the accent wall above the bed is quite similar to the color of the arm chairs on each side of the bed. Like the bedroom before this, this bedroom showcases a symmetrical bedroom too. Fancy the sunburst mirror in this bedroom too?

8. Dressed in Blue

Dressed Blue

Design OCD

Seeing this bedroom, I realized that I might have added this one in another list before, and well, I think I did in one of those lists with the navy blue and gold combos. Today, I am sharing this photo again as a feature for bedrooms with sunburst mirrors! What do you think about this space though?

9. Long Island Drive

Island Drive

The Design Atelier

A four-poster bed is seen in this Long Island Drive bedroom. The color of the bed is simple but beautiful, the bed is bulky but really comfortable. This bedroom also used a night stand which does not have doors or drawers and still looks great!

10. New Orlando Bedroom

New Orlando

Zoltan Construction LLC

I love the fact that they made this room into a grey one! This color is versatile as much as black and white are and I commend the decorator for making this bedroom not seem sad or what because it’s in grey. Adding small hints of color like on the choice of chandelier and the sunburst mirror, this bedroom is perfect!

11. Oakland Hills

Oakland Hills

Kelley Flynn Interior Design

This bedroom has so much potential; it has a wide area for everything that one would want and need in a bedroom, an awesome bed, cool drapes, vintage double drawer and fancy lighting fixtures and decorations, but I think this could use a bit more color.

12. Orange County Renovation

County Reno

Blackband Design

A beautifully renovated bedroom in Orange County. This bedroom may not be that wide or whatnot, but because it has a comfortable-looking bed, cute night stands, awesome lighting features and a cool sunburst mirror, I think this is one cool bedroom to own.

13. Single Girl’s Colorful Master Bedroom

Single Girl

Gail Barley Interiors, LLC

Well, what do you think about an apple green colored wall in your bedroom? My sister loves this color, so I bet she wouldn’t mind and maybe she’d really love it too; of course it doesn’t mean because you love the color, you’d want that color on your walls, right? This bedroom is so eye-catching though.

14. Arabian Greens

Arabian Greens

reThink Interiors

What do you think about the colors used in this bedroom? The colors somehow signify class and sophistication. Aside from the two I just mentioned, looking at this bedroom I think you’ll know that the homeowners really wanted this place to look charming and pretty. I mean, among all spaces in the house, it’s the bedroom and the kitchen that would prefer to be really, really pretty.

15. Commencement

American Design

American Design International

This model bedroom looks really masculine and interesting. We see that the colors used in here maybe masculine but will still work as a standalone contemporary space. See how they used three small sunburst mirrors above the head board.

16. Light Classical

Light Classical

reThink Interiors

When I saw this bedroom, I remembered one hotel room I was in when my org mates and I went for a seminar in the city. The bed looked the same and even the arm chair too, but of course we didn’t have a view like the one because of it was above a high building so our view was basically other buildings in the area.

17. Sophisticated Teen Bedroom Makeover

Sophisticated Teen

Alina Druga Interiors

If I had this bedroom when I was a teen, I think that I’ll have tons of sleepovers with my girl friends! The sophisticated lighting fixtures, the bed and basically everything inside this bedroom are just so pretty. I want one!

18. Organic Farmhouse

Organic Farmhouse

reThink Interiors

This is one big bedroom! The name of this building project is Organic Farmhouse and I would like to believe that majority of the materials used in here are organic or earth-friendly.

19. Restful Respite

Restful Respite

Room Service Interior Design

The print of the wallpaper of the accent wall is similar to the designs that are similar to the ones you can use during nail art. How do you fancy a bedroom that looks like this one. The color of the said wallpaper match the color of the linens on the bed – it’s refreshing to the eyes and it looks really comfy.

20. Modern Glam

Modern Glam

reThink Interiors

Did you notice that there are tons of photos on this list which used the color grey. This color sure makes any space sophisticated and expensive-looking. I mean, I’m not super crazy about grey but when paired with silver, any space would really look spectacular!

Well, I sure hope that you liked this list as much as I liked doing it. This list of 20 Beautiful Bedrooms with Sunburst Mirrors is a product of the list which I made about the 20 Unique Designs of Sunburst Mirrors in the Living Room. I wanted to make sure that my craving for sunburst mirrors be fulfilled and I loved doing it. More to come on Home Design Lover!