20 Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

There had been confusion on what contemporary and modern design is because the two has some resemblance. Yes, that is true. But the thing about contemporary is that have more splashes of decorative elements in it while modern is simpler. Contemporary designs can even be eclectic sometimes like combining modern fixtures with traditional moldings for the ceiling. Today, we will show you some contemporary bathrooms.

You will be able to observe that most contemporary bathrooms uses neutral colors and that they have some natural touches. But these are all lovely and well-designed. For sure you will love this list. Now, scroll down and take a look at what we have gathered for your inspiration.

Small Contemporary Bathroom

Small Contemporary Bathroom Idea


A bathroom with minimal design with subtle natural touches in its choice of color palette.

Just Visas

Modern Bath Design

Sergey Petrov

A brown contemporary bathroom with etched glass partitions in damask.

Serie Simi Beige

Beige Bathroom

The Bath Collection

A beautiful bathroom that boasts its sleek lines and lovely neutral colors.

Contemporary Bathroom Design Idea

Sample Modern Bathroom


A well-lighted bathroom with the combination of natural light and artificial lighting from the spot lights. A long narrow window floods up natural light into the bathroom.

Modern Bathroom

Crabapple Home Shower Modern

Irina Happy

Wooden vanity with decorative wall tiles in brown perfectly suited this white bathroom.

Blue Contemporary Bathroom

Bathroom idea

Julia Vinogradova

A contemporary bathroom doesn’t always need to use neutral colors. It could also be blue like this one as long as it uses wood and other contemporary elements.

Big Bertha Bath

bathroom design


A large bathroom with good layouting and choice of colors. The addition of plants in it and even the white floor rugs enhances the look. Some detailing on the walls also upgrades its aesthetics.

Glamour G4

Bathroom Design Idea


The wall color creates a creative statement for this bathroom. The T-shape design of the vanity is also one good feature.

Bathroom Interior

Interior Conteporary design

Double Agent 2005

Natural variables were balanced with modern synthetic shapes in this bathroom. The designer also managed to tie in different colors and patterns.

Plan B Modern Bath

modern bathroom design


A barrier-free bathroom considering comfort first while still providing aesthetic touches.

Fonte Fashionable Bathroom

fashionable bathroom

Rexa Design

A bathroom design that is a result of the study of self-care from around the world. It linked natural and urban elements in one making it look ultra-contemporary.

Contemporary Spa Bathroom

Spa room idea


Luxurious touches are seen from its elements but it remains humble and subtle in its palette.


Contemporary Bathroom Green

Who would think of growing grasses on top of a concrete wall that served as its planter? Well, this designer did.

Slim Collection

Shower area design


Blending functionality and visual appeal with this bathroom of top-quality features like the glass shower cabin.

Mistral Bathroom

Mistral Modern Bathroom

Go Logic

A contemporary high gloss lacquer bathroom with red accent color. Isn’t this stunning despite its minimal approach?

Essenze Glam Bath

Essenze bathroom Glam

Archeda Bathrooms

Blue and white combined resulted into this contemporary bathroom that has modern touches in it.

Libera Vanity

Compliant Libera Vanity


Classy and beautiful- orange as accent color adds a lively aura to this bathroom.

Bathroom Idea

Bathroom Design Conteporary


The round wooden table and the chairs are from Noir Furniture. The change pieces ever so frequently, so we are not sure if they still have these designs. Won’t you agree they are plain gorgeous?

Fresh Bathroom

WC Bath up to date

Denis Davydov

That floor light is indeed an eye catcher but the bathroom itself is already a beauty with its wooden furniture and marble-like tiles.

Contemporary Shower Room

Bathroom concept design

Arte Bagno Veneta

Modern lights and fixtures are used here but the design is totally contemporary.

Most bathrooms in contemporary style have some neutral colors in it and accents of red, blue, orange or green. You have seen bathrooms with those colors above and for sure you have chosen a favorite design. If want to see more bathroom designs, we have compiled some dream bathroom designs where you can find different bathroom ideas ranging from modern to eclectic ones.