A Small Modern Backyard Painting Studio in The Netherlands

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Do you have an additional space in your yard for a shed or other garden structures? It would be nice to have one where you can do other things privately- without anyone disturbing you. That is why, some people have… Read more

Before and After Interior Update With Wood and Black Colors

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There are times when the architecture of a house is untouched and only the interior is being changed and updated.… Read more

Stunning Home with Preserved Dune Landscape of Villa V in The Netherlands

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It is amazing how different homes can actually be built in varying landscapes and topography. We have seen homes that… Read more

Fabulous Use of Travertine Materials at the Penthouse Amsterdam in The Netherlands

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Why is it that there are people who choose to stay in a penthouse apartment than owning a huge house?… Read more

W.I.N.D. House Features Home Automation System in North Holland, The Netherlands

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Do you think that sustainability is one of the most important elements to consider in building your own house? What… Read more

Staggering Three Sections of the Dune Villa in Utrecht, the Netherlands

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We can never deny the fact that we dreamed of having a spacious and green location for our ideal houses.… Read more