Staggering Three Sections of the Dune Villa in Utrecht, the Netherlands

We can never deny the fact that we dreamed of having a spacious and green location for our ideal houses. With that we would like to adopt the design of our house to the existing resources in the location. Today we will be sharing to you a house design that maximizes the availability of the location’s rich resources. This house is called the Dune Villa. It’s a contemporary house built in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Well, the house’ plot is divided into three areas namely dense vegetation towards the street, a large open space at the front and an open pine forest at the back of the plot. The clients actually are truly aware of the unique location and they may take the full advantage of it. However, according to the designer there is an offshoot from ‘Utrechtse Heuvelrug’ dune that lays on the north side of the plot that resulted in a six meter height difference. Let us check more of the amazing areas of the location of this Dune Villa through the images below.

Dune Villa Volumes and shapes of the house building is paralleled with the levels of the location.

Three Sections Villa The landscape in the exterior relates with the environmental friendly location of the house.

Netherlands homes See how the designer made use of the glass, stainless steel and concrete materials in the house building.

living room design Spotted here is the simple but elegant furniture and accessories that make this area look so sophisticated.

dining table set Modern and attractive designs of the chairs match with the simple wooden table and the round lamp above it.

spiral staircase The amazing curve of the staircase emphasizes the uniqueness and modern style of the interior.

glass bookshelf Built-in bookshelves secure in the walls in the second level of the house also enhance the aisle of the area.

outdoor furniture design At the terrace, these sofa set is arranged carefully to let the clients enjoy and capture the beauty of the nature.

terrace Here you may take the full advantage of the different levels of the house as well as the natural resources available in the exterior.

indoor swimming pool Here is the fascinating swimming pool that may be indoor or outdoor depending on the needs of the clients.

pool design Glazed doors are very helpful in converting this indoor pool into an outdoor pool depending on the weather.

lawn Tall trees surrounded the house building certainly underlines the contemporary design and concept of the house.

outdoor lighting In the late afternoon, the house seems like sparkling for its LED lights installed in the interior as well as the exterior.

indoor lighting The different areas of the house can be visibly seen especially at night because of the lights and the glass materials used for its walls.

Dune Villa Take a look at the water system in the exterior that improves the outdoor area even at night.

As we have seen from the images above, we can say that the Hilberinkbosch Architects simply followed the division of the house in three parts. Different volumes of the villa are located on the north and east border of the open space in and on the dune. Indeed we can say that the joint search from the architect with the client for the right mix of familiarity, naturalness and amazement led to this unique home was realized. We hope that once again we have provided you the ideal features and inspirations that you may use in your dream house.