Balanced and Promising Accents in the Glebe House in Sydney, Australia

What are the most important elements of your dream house that you may consider to have a durable and sustainable accent? Yes we usually list down all the significant features that we want to highlight for our future dream house. In the list, we tend to write down the materials that matters the most in making our house to have a sustainable and durable substance. Now, we will be sharing to you a house design that used high quality materials that make this house stand out among the other houses in the location.

This house is named as the Glebe House which is specifically located in Sydney NSW Australia. With an area of 250 square meters this house is completed in 2013. The designers actually make use of concrete as he considered it as a heavy material which was selected over framed construction. The new works boldly reinterprets the structure and materiality of the elements that make up the original Victorian era cottage. Let us explore more of the amazing features of the house that made this different among the other houses in the place through the images below.

Glebe House Geometric volumes and dimensions are carefully observed in the structure of this house building.

Balanced Accents Concrete materials utilized for this building is effective in making this house look so durable.

Sydney Australia Rough texture of the ceilings and floors harmonized with the soft and flawless texture of the sofa in the living space.

small library Elegant and classy appearance of this library space in the house is maintained with white palette and trendy furniture.

book shelves Simple but gorgeous style of the shelves, cabinets and blue sofa is set in the library that may certainly provide comfort.

kitchen area Wooden and concrete elements displayed in the kitchen space is highlighted with the modern furniture and appliances.

dining area Kitchen, dining and living area are arranged in one space that will allow the client to access the most important areas in the interior.

kitchen stainless steel countertop Stainless steel materials in the kitchen sink are effective to make this area clean and neat.

kid play area A perfect space for kids is ensured in this area where he can freely run and roam around the area safely.

wood stairs Wooden stairs and frame consistently display a unique and fascinating design and patterns that will capture the eyes of the guests.

wooden modern furnitures At the second floor, the designer also made use of the wooden materials that will complement with the modern furniture.

wooden element design Lines and textures are highlighted in this space that shows movement and charm.

bedroom Open layout is also used in this bedroom where the client can take the full advantage of the garden through its glazed doors.

modern bathroom Spacious bathroom are accentuated with contemporary fixtures that shows elegance and hygienic space.

bathroom tub A simple but clean and neat space in the bath tub area shows the modern theme in this bathroom.

Glebe House Well-lighted exteriors and interiors prove its sophisticated concept and charm.

The images taken by the designer illustrates how they successfully prove the significant elements they used to accentuate the amazing features of the house. With the use of concrete materials the house possessed not just the elegant look but durable look as well. The Nobbs Radford Architects together with the interior designer effectively collaborates with each other in order to come up with such a house design that reveals its promising features. Significant sections of the house are constructed from single skin concrete given its thermal mass which also speaks of sustainable factors in the house. We hope that you have learned new things today that you may apply in your future house.