Unexpected Transformation of a Horse Stable into a Modern Naylor Court Residence in Washington

When we decide to plan for our future house we see to it that this will include our most amazing features that most of the time includes uniqueness and elegance. Today we will be showing you a unique house and its amazing features. I am referring to the Horse Stable in 1800s which is transformed from a described empty shell on a neglected alley into a classic shop-house. This is said to be has an architect’s storefront and living quarters above it.

According to the designer, the studio is a void set back from the alley by an interstitial zone which separates the entrance for the client’s work and home. As we go inside we may be astonished with the extraordinary features of the house that the designers carefully planned. These features may truly captivate not just the heart of the owner but his friends and guests as well. Now let us explore more of the fascinating areas of the house through the images below.

Naylor Court Residence Brown and white palette is the best color combination that made this house building stand out among the other houses here.

Unexpected house Transformation Geometrical forms and lines seen in the edifice emphasized the careful planning of the house program.

Horse Stable renovation The client deserves a spacious area for his living space where he may sit down in a comfy sofa and enjoy the beautiful sight of the garden outside.

Modern design Brown colored sofa is perfect to break the monochromatic color of white and beige themed living space.

Washington residences Take a glance at the simple yet elegant living space that displays accessories and furniture that speaks of what contemporary is.

kitchen area Neat and hygienic kitchen presented the most modern and high quality furniture and appliances here.

kitchen design Flawless and clean kitchen sink and kitchen table complements with the classy white modern themed kitchen.

staircase The lines and forms seen in the aisle and stairs show a very fascinating movement that encourages the client to move and explore more of the other areas of the house.

stairs design See how unique stairs underlines the extraordinary plan layout of the residence.

baby room Even in the baby’s room, the designers ensure the comfort and charm through the fresh and colorful accessories and paint used here.

bedroom Mint green paint color in the wall also highlighted the comfort and relaxing stay in this master bedroom.

kitchen Glass and bricks materials jives perfectly with the white painted powder area in this bathroom.

powder room This bathroom may be small but this looks spacious for its white paint utilized here.

working area A large workspace and library is secured in the second level of the house where the client may freely work and read.

work desk Different textures are also presented from the ceiling to the working table set in this home office.

lawn Green landscape underscores the brick materials used in the structure of the building in this garden area.

outdoor view At night, the lights installed in the exterior is very helpful to make this residential house looks attractive.

Naylor Court Residence The incredible house ideas and design in the interior is accessible through the huge door and glazed windows.

As we have witnessed the different areas of the house through the images above, we may strongly say that the designer was successfully preserve the historic character of the horse stable. This extremely stressed the unveiling heavy timber structure, masonry and horse tether rings. Then the E/L Studio proved that he can maximize the functions of the horse stable into a contemporary house design. This will only remind us that we should make much of the areas that we already have in our house because each area has its significant role and functions, right?