Faraway Foray: The Elegant Apartment in Tribeca, New York

Some people prefer to have an apartment rather than a residential house. Do you wonder why? Some would say the space is limited and not enough for a big family and some would say it’s enough for them to put all their appliances and decorations together. Well, today we will feature another amazing apartment that would surely provide you another set of ideas and inspiration. This apartment is set in Tribeca, Manhattan New York, and a place where people prefer to stay in an apartment type of house.

As you can see this apartment has a Scandinavian design which includes a private sauna. This has four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms set across the two riverfront view floors. These four bedrooms have a bigger space and well lighted that totally shows great comfort and style. The materials highlighted in this apartment are described as vintage such as the wooden beams and bricks that speaks of seafarer strength. This has a fine cut stone and burnished steel, too. Why don’t we take a look at the amazing space of this Faraway Foray through its images below.

Faraway Foray

Take a look at the tall buildings here where the Faraway Foray apartment is located.

Elegant Apartment

This living area is the best place where the client can view the scenic ocean and the other buildings in the city.

new york apartment design

Wall art are displayed in the interior that enhance the simplicity of the interior design.

interior deisgn

The high rated furniture is placed in this living space that best complements with the natural wooden ceiling and floor.


A small fireplace is utilized in this area that displays a very warm and comfortable space in the apartment.

kitchen design

The smooth texture of the stainless equipment stands out over the wooden cabinets and ceilings here.

Kitchen stainless element

A combination of wooden and stainless element is the main material used in this kitchen.

Dining Area

The lines in the wooden ceiling are paralleled with the wooden floors in this dining area that creates a different mood.


The softness of this white mattress and chair near the window may certainly provide a more comfortable space in the apartment.

bedroom design

Purple and white in this bed is effective to create a smooth texture that contrasts with the rough texture of the window’s bricks.

Kid's Bedroom

Here is the kid’s bedroom that also displays brown and white color combination.

play room

In the other side of the kid’s bedroom is the space where the kids can play and enjoy the sight of the ocean through its large windows.


The designer made sure that they will provide the kids a spacious area to be safe for their play time.

Gym area

The client also demanded for an area where they can perform their daily exercise.


In this bathroom, cleanliness and neatness are reflected in the white paint and tiles used here.

Faraway Foray

The rough brick tiles used together with the wooden materials as the base for the bath tub creates a romantic effect.

Definitely, this Faraway Foray – onefinestay.com, is an apartment where you can consider a wonderful place to stay in. Its open plan design recommends the gathering in the dining room, living room and kitchen. Also there is a suite of quarters on the floor which includes the playroom, a den and additional kitchen as well. The designer said that all of the lovely areas can also offer the waterfront vistas. Now I hope you may get another set of ideas that you can apply in your dreamed apartment.