Intriguing Descriptions and Patterns of The Heritage in Sydney, Australia

Yes, you can get a gorgeous home even in the city just like this apartment.

What comes to your mind when you read “Sydney, Australia?” Perhaps there are many stunning views that come to your mind, right? Well, it is indeed true that Sydney Australia has so many wonderful views and places that are very attractive to many homeowners and clients who are looking for a real property estate. Clients are captivated with the natural and eco-friendly features of the surroundings that made many houses more sustainable and charming. Today, we will look at the private residence and discover how the designer completed its unique designs and concepts. This is better known as The Heritage Apartments and specifically spotted in North Sydney, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

The Heritage Apartments serves as refined transition between the tall towers of the city centre and the residential buildings of the Hampden area across the road. They said that this has been created by locating a slim eight-storey building behind four heritage houses that affront Walker Street. Well this new building is said to be presented as three contemporary louvered stone-clad blocks, bridged by two slots of dark glass. Let us explore more of the different amazing areas of the house through the images below.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Designer: Smart Design Studio

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: Three-storey

Unique feature: This house project is uniquely described as a private residence comprised of twenty four apartments, which are so spacious with 3 bedrooms and two living areas. The building’s location is so convenient to the amenities of the city yet with an outlook over green parks and neighborhoods.

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Take a look at the slim eight-storey building of this private residence situated behind four heritage houses. This clearly presented the three contemporary louvered stone-clad blocks which is bridged by two slots of dark glass.

The Heritage Terrace

Sustainable light and natural ventilation is always accessible in this terrace. The client may sit down and enjoy the panoramic views from the outside.

The Heritage Living Room 1

Soft and warm colors of the furniture as well as the white curtains and the ceilings perfectly harmonized with each other. Great comfort and style is well presented in this living space.

The Heritage Living Room 2

A mixture of orange, white and black palette uncovers the futuristic design and concept. The client may certainly be captivated with the alluring and scientific theme applied in this area.

The Heritage Wall

Lighting system is very effective in making this wall more scientific and appealing. This may provide a strong connection to the exterior, too.

The Heritage Interior 1

See how the lines and patterns displayed in the floor, walls and furniture that may certainly highlight the modern and contemporary elements applied in the interior.

The Heritage Dining Room

Dining table set for six people is also secured in this area where the client can still enjoy the view of the exterior even at night. The wall paintings and accessories are very essential in making this area looks so luxurious and charming.

The Heritage Interior 2

A great combination of dark and white may simply achieve the elegance and sophistication in this kitchen and dining space.

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The Heritage Kitchen

Well-furnished kitchen with stainless, silver and dark brown palette may speak of contemporary theme and design. This also ensures the clean and neat space in the interior.

The Heritage Bedroom 1

See how the designer chooses the design of the painting which complements with the mattress in the bed. The white themed bedroom is also sustained with natural light from the glass walls and windows.

The Heritage Bedroom 2

The importance of the LED lights in every corner of this bedroom is highlighted here where you can see the elements of style and art.

The Heritage Bedroom 3

Nude painting which speaks of art and passion is seen in this orange wall of one of the bedrooms in the house that may catch the attention of every client.

The Heritage Bathroom 1

Wooden patterns in the wall and floors presented the rough texture that harmonized with the smooth texture of the glassed frame in the shower area. Trendy fixtures are also utilized to make this bathroom more convenient and stylish.

The Heritage Bathroom 2

LED lights in the corners of this bathroom may also show its elegance and design. The designer may reveal the charming features of this bathroom.

The Heritage Bathroom 3

This vintage round mirror is also one of the most important and captivating accessories in the bathroom. This simply match well with the patterns in the wall.

As we have observed the different areas of this private residence above, we can say that the Smart Design Studio successfully designed and built this sustainable house. From the interiors, we can see the strong connections to the exterior. These connections are highly achieved with full height glass in the living room and master bedroom, flush thresholds and adjustable-retractable sun-shading louvers. I personally like the solid spandrels on the balconies that give a very private and furnishable dimension to that “outdoor room”. How about you? What are the elements and features of this private residence you attracted the most?