Promising Comfort and Effortless Charm in the Renovated Heritage Home in Melbourne

Many homeowners believed that the kitchen is the center or even the heart of the interiors since it displays the more sophisticated and modern features of the house of today. The elements of the kitchen also inspired them to cook the best dish for their family. Yet comfort and great style matters the most in order to let the client stay in the kitchen, too. Today, we will show you a house design that specifically designed for a professional chef and his family. This house mirrors the entertaining and the kind of lifestyle the client’s have.

Well, this contemporary house also highlighted the essential role of the kitchen to the client that is why he demanded that the kitchen will be the focus among all the indoor spaces of the house. While the dining, living, outdoor entertaining as well as the pool and garden zones improves the totality of the house captivating designs. Let us see the different areas of this heritage house in Melbourne Australia through the images below.

Contemporary House Take a glance at the lighting system installed in this garden that emphasizes the neat and well-shaped plants here.

Melbourne Here is one of the most comfortable and relaxing spaces in the house where clients can sit down and enjoy the pool.

furniture designs We can notice how the designer carefully chose the shapes and forms of the furniture that jives well with the house building.

sofa design Here we can see the rough texture of the carpet that blended well with the soft and smooth texture of the sofa.

dining set Exceptional design of the carpet underlines the color combination of white and brown in this dining space.

white kitchen counter Mosaic tiles in the kitchen also harmonized with the wooden patterns of the floor and the ceilings.

marble kitchen Geometric forms of the furniture add elegance in this well-organized and neat kitchen.

kitchen area LED Lights set in the kitchen and the other parts of the interior unfold the high technological features of this house.

kitchen cabinets Boxed forms of the furniture and cabinets in this kitchen keep its neatness and charm.

Private Residence White bath tub perfectly matched with the silver fixtures and brown walls in this bathroom.

bathroom design Larger space for bathroom is enough to comfortably ensure the stress-free zone in the house.

bathroom sink Huge mirrors match well with this white and smooth basin in the powder space that maintains its hygienic elements here.

swimming pool design Unique and trendy designed lamps set near the bath tub also highlighted its charm and uniqueness.

exterior design Huge and rectangular swimming pool is available in this well-groomed landscaped garden.

Contemporary House The shape of this large pool also harmonized well with the shape of the building, furniture and interior spaces in the house.

This heritage home obviously highlighted the different amazing and luxurious features that certainly will win the heart of the client. The LSA Architects successfully improves the interiors and exteriors of this house. The large pool is one of the best spot that I love the most in this house. This house truly shows its remarkable elegance and comfort. According to the designer, the program of this building was constructed successfully based on its time and budget through collaboration with the team and its designers. We hope that you have learned new things and new design idea today that may help your house improve and look good in the future.