Add Decors to your Exterior with 20 Awning Ideas

The exterior of the house could always be enhanced with several decorative tools. It is a must to decorate your exteriors, namely the entrance doors, the windows and the patio area. All this spaces can be added with an awning. An awning or also called as overhang, usually a second covering to the exterior wall of a building. It is usually composed of canvas that is woven of acrylic, cotton or polyester yarn that is stretch tightly over some planar frames. This can also be considered as window and door treatment for the exterior that adds a dramatic effect.

The location of an awning is usually above the window or a door, and can also be installed with columns typically perfect for patio decoration. Awnings come is different types namely; propulsive awning which can be manually opened and closed, retractable awnings which are becoming popular nowadays commonly used in patios and the aluminum awning which is more durable. This overhang decor helps keep out from the sun and rain, more importantly is a powerful decor for an entry of building. Also awnings can be added to the interior alternatively used as a window treatment.

1. Bistro Style Kitchen

fabric valance exterior

Recaptured Charm

This boldly striped awning is a perfect alternative for a typical window valance.

2. Private Residence II

spear exterior blue

Chad Robert

Install awnings on the south-facing windows to make up for insufficient roof overhand and additional shape for the sunlight.

3. Tobin High Bluff

metal hinges exterior

Dan Nelson

For the entrance doors, entry awning is a perfect idea as a siding.

4. Patio

striped awning

Sara Hopkins

The awnings offer a protection from the afternoon sunlight while at the same time it gives an additional beauty to the exterior.

5. Outdoor Oasis

glass awning exterior

Anthony Wilder

The glass awning with a design makes the entrance’s look be very inviting.

6. Flip/Flop House

retractable exterior

Mohler + Ghillino

The retractable awnings provide shade in the summer and can be pulled back to maximize daylight during a long and dark winter.

7. Rustic Exterior

wooden awning

This is a great idea of a window awning, wood awning gives a rustic look to the garden.

8. Exterior Dining

glass exterior

Modern House Architects

This is really a great exterior, the beautiful design of the house is exposed through the glass doors and the awning shutters.

9. Contemporary Patio

timber exterior

Maryann Thompson

I love the design of the timber awnings, the beauty glows with fixtures attached to light the area.

10. Cougar Mountain House

frosted glass

Syndicate Smith

The awnings got a modern style with a frosted glass and custom metal fabrication as the materials used.

11. West Virginia Retreat

metal awning

Travis Price

The metal awning is made from aluminum, perfect design for timber decks.

12. Lebaron Farm

curve barrel awning

Neumann Lewis Buchanan

The woven awning that is curved and forming like barrel fits perfectly as a decor for the exterior of a farm.

13. Cafe Awning

window treatment awning

Good Architecture

Instead of the traditional window treatment, try to add awning as a window treatment for a more dramatic look of a themed room.

14. Monarch Bay

natural wicker awning

Malcolm Davis

Instead of other material, a natural wicker is perfect as a patio cover especially in coastal cottage.

15. Entry Porch

vaulted copper awning


There is striking flair for the front door with the vaulted cooper awning and with lights from below for a dramatic effect.

16. Traditional Window Awning

red traditional awning

Austin Custom Home

Window awning really makes the exterior of your houses look fabulous!

17. Sheep’s Run

fabric awning ideas

Susan Cohan

The fabric awning softens the textures of the bricks and metals creating a lovely exterior and landscape.

18. Front Entrances

antique metal awning

Diamond Homes

This front door is perfectly detailed with decors, the pots and wall sconces at both sides and the frosted glass for awning makes a brilliant front door design.

19. Exteriors

striped awning

Bradley Heppner

The black French door is perfect with the striped black awning completing a beautiful look.

20. Rutherford Residence

adjustable fabric exterior awning ideas

John David Rulon

The awnings are made with fabrics and can be manually opened and closed depending on your choice.

This one’s really a great accessory that amplifies the versatility and usefulness which the owners benefits from decks and patio. Since this awning prevent the sun to go through windows and doors, definitely it can keep the temperature of your area cooler and you can save much on air-conditioning costs. And of course for decks and patios, it can help prevent the carpets and furniture from fading. This is really a very efficient decor that can turn your houses into a well-designed structure.