16 Grecian and Roman Grecian Pool Designs

When creating a remarkable landscape designs for you outdoor you also consider the size and shape of your swimming pools. We have seen so many kinds and shapes of swimming pools in many hotels and other residence as well. But today we will be amazed of the different Grecian and Roman Grecian shaped pool designs that will possibly capture not just your attention but your heart. Well the Grecian Shaped Pools are said to have a classic look that started with a basic rectangular shape but with truncated or “cut off” corners. This kind of shape can best complement architecture and the backyard garden areas that have a classical theme. Moreover, some of its pool area is lost by cutting off the corners.

While today we will show you the swimming pool’s shape with a Roman Grecian concept. The roman shaped pool is said to be described as another classical design that starts with a rectangle but adds semi-circles at the pool’s ends and sides. Its corners are usually rounded as well. The semi-circles are good places to add steps. Designers show how the Roman and Grecian theme combination can come up with another remarkable design of Roman Grecian shaped pools. Are you ready? Kindly scroll down and enjoy the different cool and stylish Grecian and Roman Grecian Swimming Pools shape designs below.

Roman Grecian Pool

grecian pool designs

There is no reason for you not to feel relax while sitting in the sides of this pool even in the middle of the afternoon.

pool slides

With the slides built in beside the pool the kids and the rest of the family will surely enjoy swimming here.

Blue Roman Themed Haven

plant designs

As the homeowner set the plants in the edges of this swimming pool it also adds life to the stillness of the water on it.

Grecian Pool

green trees

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The green trees that envelopes the swimming pool area make this place more comfortable and close to nature.

Roman and Grecian Pool

pool design

Every summer, the homeowner may have the best time to spend the quality time with the other members of the family.

spa area

The spa area in this swimming pool make the homeowner choose to stay here during his quiet time.

colorful tiles


Here is the best area of the house where the client can freely breathe the fresh air and take a glance at the calm water.

Roman Style Pool with Fountain

grecian pool designs


The fountain helps to make the water in the swimming pool clean and fresh.

Grecian Pool

octagonal pool

For a large exterior part of your house like this, it is the best option to prefer this Grecian Pool shape because it accommodate the large group of the family as well.

Blue Haven

pool jacuzzi

The classic look plus the spa in this outdoor area make the homeowner achieve its goal.

panoramic view

In the afternoon it is best to relax and sit down in the chair while staring at the panoramic view in the surroundings.

Pacific Pools

white color

Pacific Pools

The white color of the house as well as the blue green tiles in the pool and the gray flooring in this area is enough to display a classic theme.

Grecian Pool 3

clean design


As you can take a look in this area you may say that it is just a simple area but it can capture the eyes of the friends and visitors of the homeowner.

Roman and Grecian Pool

water flowing

The serenity of the area is clearly shown from the water flowing from the spa area down to the swimming pool.

Pacific Pools

large swimming pool

Pacific Pools

Here is the large swimming pool that is very ideal to the swimmers who may need to practice at home.

Roman Design Swimming Pool

grecian pool designs

The beige color of the tiles used in the sides of this pool as well as the wooden fence surrounded the area matched perfectly to show a more classic look.

Thus we can say that it is the best option to choose either the basic shape of the swimming pool or we can combine its shape together to form a more stylish and unique shape that may possibly complete the best exterior area that you dream of. The best shape of the swimming pool will also match with the landscape you have chosen. Also you must think of the most astounding shape of swimming pool that may possibly blends with the theme you have chosen in your dream house. You might also want a Lazy L Swimming Pool Designs or Kidney Shaped Pool Designs.