Points to Consider for Your Pool Decking

A pool is not complete without a deck. Of course, we would love to spend time around the pool to lounge under the sun and chat with family and friends. The pool deck is that area around the pool where we could oftentimes find lounge chairs. Most of the time, the deck is made from tiles or concrete but aside from that, other materials can also be used for it. For homeowners that want to have a pool, it is not just the pool shape and pool type that they need to think of but also the pool decking.

So today, we will be giving some points to consider in choosing materials and in designing your pool decking. Well, the design isn’t just the important thing that one needs to think of. Once you see a lovely pool deck, you can use that as inspiration for your own pool decking but you have to consider other factors too. What are these? Read on below to check these points.

1. Choose your materials.

Choose your materials

Materials for pool decks vary. It includes wood, composites, plastic, vinyl, aluminum, unglazed tiles, stones and concrete. When using concrete, try to add some texture so that it will not be slippery. Many have opted for composite and plastic decking because they are durable, quick to install and are less maintenance materials. You can also see that modern decking use wood while others still prefer stone. Tiles are also widely used especially that it looks clean.

2. Know the types of decking.

Know the types of decking

Decks come in different types which depends on the type of pool you have. It could be above the ground or below the ground. If your pool is above the ground, you have to provide stairs to access the deck. Some decks are designed with different levels and others also have partial decking wherein only a certain part has a deck and that the entire area of the pool.

3. Check the cost.

Consider the users

How much can you spend for your pool’s deck? Concrete is cheaper but you can always opt for tiles, stones or wood. Well, just check your budget because it will also depend on the size of your deck. You can ask someone to estimate the cost. Getting the figures will help you decide on what material you could get.

4. Know your pool usage.

Know your pool usage

Your deck also depends on how you intend to use it. If you want to add lounge chairs around the deck to entertain guests, then you would need a larger deck. But if you have a separate area for gatherings like a pool house, a gazebo or if it is linked to a patio, then you can have a smaller deck. But then again, it still depends on how you want to use your deck.

5. Consider the size.

Consider the size

How big is your pool? How big is your lot area? How big can your decking go? Try to check your space. If you cannot have a large deck, then that is okay. A small deck is fine. You can design it well so that it can still look spacious and can still be functional no matter how small it is. Others have the privilege of having a large deck. This is best for those who want to party in the pool or spend their time there with family and friends.

6. Consider your area’s climate.

Consider your area’s climate

You can’t just pick any pool deck material. It has to endure the temperature changes, wind and sun exposure because if not, you would need to change your decking every now and then. If you are in a place that is hot most of the time, wood could be recommended but if your place is rainy, you can try using stones or composite decking.

7. Think about maintenance.

Think about maintenance

Your pool deck needs to be maintained and cleaned. Consider this in choosing the deck materials. Composite and plastic decking needs to be applied with finish for once or twice a year to avoid fading. For wooden decks, you also need to clean them especially that they are susceptible to molds and rotting. Even stones and tiles would need to be cleaned too. You have to be in a lookout for dirt that goes into the grout.

8. Decide on your deck design.

Decide on your deck design

What is the design of your deck? Some want to combine different materials for the decking. This also works well as long as the design is good. You can ask an architect or a landscaper or a pool designer to do the design for you.

9. Deck installation.

Deck installation

Some decks are hard to install and would take a lot of time in order to get finished. So, talk to your contractor about it. Composite and plastic are easier to install compared to concrete and its flooring finishes.

10. Safety matters.

Safety matters

Above all, make sure that your deck is safe for everyone to use. Think durability and try to add some pool fence too. This is important if you have kids around. The flooring should not be slippery to avoid accidents.

We hope that these tips will help you in choosing your pool deck. Don’t disregard the deck because this is an important feature of your pool. If you are looking for inspiration, then head over to our list of hardwood pool decks or you might prefer pavers or stones for your decking. Since you already got the checklist above, you are now ready to get some design inspirations for your pool deck.