15 Pool Waterfalls Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Swimming pools can greatly add a good ambiance to one’s home. It is also a source of recreation and fun for the family members. With that, pools are given high value by the homeowners especially that it also entailed a huge amount for construction. Since the pool’s function is not limited for recreation, it’s beauty is also enhanced for more visual impact which could also add bits of fun to those using it. So we may say that it is also essential for us to give attention to the features and accessories of our swimming pools. Today we will be showcasing different designs & ideas of pool waterfalls.

Well, aside from outdoor furniture, beautiful landscapes and colorful lightings that we can apply or add in our swimming pool area, we can also install some waterfalls. This will surely provide relaxing and refreshing effects to the pool’s environment. So why don’t we check the different images of the 15 Pool Fountain and Water Fall Ideas by the different pool designers below.

Pool Waterfalls

pool waterfalls ideas


The water flowing from the waterfalls in this elegant swimming pool maintains its constant movement of the water that makes the pool lively.



Pool Rock

The gazebo built in the poolside across the waterfalls is perfect for the homeowner to create a stress free zone in the house.

Aqua Blue Pools

fountain features


The combination of waterfalls and a fountain in the side of this pool creates different sounds to break the silence in the backyard.

Pool Al Jaw Her

landscape design

Al Jaw Her Pools

A beautiful landscape can certainly create a relaxing space outside especially with the addition of waterfalls.


 simple swimming pool

Doherty Swimming Pools

The waterfalls installed in this simple swimming pool makes a difference and adds beauty to it as well.

Inground Swimming Pool

colorful lights


The colorful lights installed near the waterfall highlighted the continuous movement of the water in the pool.


water fountain

Water Crest Pools

The water fountain and waterfalls used in this clean and clear swimming pool is enough to add a scenic view in this area.

Pool Waterfalls with Fire

pool waterfalls ideas


The waterfalls used in the sides of this pool plus the fire lights effect on it makes this pool so lively.

Rico Rock

swimming pool waterfalls


Waterfalls can also add nature’s touch to a swimming pool like this one.

Rain Harvest


Rain Harvest

The flowing water from the Jacuzzi will surely be enjoyed by the users.

Pool Waterfalls Swim NJ

design pattern

Swim NJ

The design pattern of this pool landscape is created to make the family members feel nature even in their house.

Luxury Custom Pool

green landscape

In the middle of the green tall trees and green landscape, this swimming pool provides real comfort.

Pool Waterfalls 5

stone waterfalls

You may notice the nonstop falling of the water from this huge stone designed in this area that provides serenity to the place.

USR Tropical Pool

well-designed landscape

Cipriano Landscape Design

This residence has a lovely pool area with well-designed landscape and waterfalls.

Pool Scott

pool waterfalls ideas

Mark Scott Associates

A modern pool area with features that certainly made it appear more inviting. The seating area near it is perfectly situated to give the users a calming ambience.

Definitely, the appearance of our swimming pool will be enhanced by installing a waterfalls. It can create a relaxing sound from the flowing water. Water features like the ones you have just seen above can positively create a very strong effect to the outdoor environment. Yes, even a small fountain spraying across the pool can create an amazing feature. With that we have no doubt that fountains & waterfalls can give a great pool view in your home, right?