The Shaw House Above Ground See-Through Lap Pool

There are indeed so many impressive house designs that you can see on the web. These are designed by professionals who have not just considered what their clients want but also made sure to incorporate safety and sturdiness of the entire building. For sure, if we look into our featured house today, you would applaud the designers for successfully creating a house that is robust despite the unique and very challenging design it has. In today’s post, we will feature the multi-awarded home designed by Patku Architects known as the Shaw House.

This private residence is designed for single occupancy with 285 square meters that includes a living space, a bedroom, a study, a music room and a lap pool. The manner of how these areas where distributed inside the house is very impressive and intelligent. Considering Vancouver’s situation that it is high seismic risk, they made use of reinforced concrete for the entire house especially that the lap pool is located above ground level. The living space is placed on grade, the private spaces above grade and the music room below grade. Since the area can no longer suffice a lap pool, the pool was placed above grade along the west side of the house connecting the ends of the bedroom and the study’s terraces.

Believe it or not, the pool is placed above the ground along the private areas of the house. Its location is surely a great challenge for the designers due to the risk of seismic activity in the place. But it was never a hindrance for the Patku design team. Still, they were able to come up with this lap pool that even added beauty to the entire house. Daylight is reflected from the lap pool which is located into the central area of the plan. It created a very serene and relaxing ambience for this home. Despite its small area, the Shaw House is still a great masterpiece with its distinct lap pool. Take a look at the images below so you can get more grasps of the house.

Exterior design

The exterior of the Shaw House showing sleek lines for a modern house design.

Pool design

The lap pool can be seen from inside the house which adds illumination and roominess to the interior.

Swimming pool

A view from below the pool and above the living areas where one can really see those who are having a good time in the lap pool.

Pool Above

Daylight can get inside the house through the pool that is smartly made above grade.

Pool Reflection

The pool’s reflection touches even the dark corners of the house, illuminating the entire area and giving it a serene feel.

Pool Day

The distinct lap pool located above the living areas and along the private spaces showing the glass flooring, making it possible for it to be seen even when you are inside the house.

interior design

Another good thing about this home is its location near this body of water giving it access to fresh and cold air.

living area

The living area where you can see not only the simple furniture but also the concrete beams and columns which is part of its design.

House Kitchen

The interior design is very simple and minimal as seen in this dining and kitchen area.


The entire house is made of reinforced concrete and has high ceilings to make the house more spacious.

outdoor layout

Let us take a last glance at the Shaw House with its modern exterior design.

The Shaw House have small spaces that looked enlarged due to the use of high ceilings. The ceiling heights not just added space but it also creates additional luminosity. It has an impeccable and stylish planning to make the areas functional. It also made use of appropriate furnishings that not just added beauty to the home but also contributed to make it look a lot larger despite its small space.

It is really impressive how Patku Architects thought of creating a home like this in spite of its location. Of course, it was needed to add strengthening of the structure in order to accommodate the design. It is a smart manner of designing that ensures safety to the homeowners. The design of the house sets it apart from other small house designs especially with its lap pool placed above grade. There are homes that have pools in their homes but not as unique as Shaw’s pool.