15 Square Hot Tubs for Relaxation

There are instances when we prefer to dip into warm water instead of chilly water from the pool. This gives further relaxation to a tired body and would seemingly recharge you. One would also get a better sleep once he had experienced the warmth from a hot tub. Hot tubs are large tube filled with hot aerated water. This is used for physical therapy as well as for recreation. Some even have jets for massage purposes to give the users more pleasure while in it.

Hot tubs could be made of ceramic, acrylic, wood or other materials. They are also designed in different shapes and styles. For today, we will show you a list of square hot tubs. Well, most of them would look the same but take a look at the outdoor setting where these square hot tubs were placed. A good ambiance could greatly contribute to one’s relaxation. So, take a look at what we have gathered for you today:

Park City Utah Showcase

square hot tubs

Cameo Homes Inc.

A veranda with a hot tub could look more welcoming as it combines the beauty of fire and water.

Envoy Hot Spring Spas

tup designs

IHT – International Hot Tub

Kids would surely have a great time in this tub especially that you can just get in even when it’s not hot at all.

Modern Country

stone wall

Soul Space

That stone wall is a stunning backdrop for this hot tub that is covered in this wooden cottage. We can see that this is situated in the center of the pool. How cool can that be?

Aurea Residence

customized covers

Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture

It would be nice if your hot tub will get covered when not in use. Well, some hot tubs really come with a cover while others just customize covers.

Penthouse Loft Renovation

outdoor deck design

Wanda Ely Architect Inc.

This lovely deck has a hot tub where the users can overlook the panoramic view of the city lights.

Radius Deck

wooden deck

Fine Decks Inc.

Beautiful wooden deck with hot tub! Look at the lights in it that appears like inviting anyone to get in!

Terrace with Planted Joints

terrace hot tub

Katharine Webster MLA, INC.

A hot tub is placed on a three level terrace with linear strips of Isotoma planted in between the concrete. That spa is set on an Ipe deck.

Hot Spring: Highlife Collection

square hot tubs

Hot Spring

Even on a traditional setting, this hot tub still pleasing as it is surrounded with stones.

Tuxedo Terrace

glass railings

Avante Interiors

A deck surrounded by glass railings wherein the spa is placed inside a wooden enclosure.

Monroe Street House

red mosaic tile linings

Clayton&Little Architects

Yes, this house is beautiful but that tub with red mosaic tile linings on the side is nice spot too.

Grandee Hot Spring Spas

tub designs

IHT – International Hot Tub

Spending time with your special someone will be a lot more memorable while inside a hot tub!

Composite Decks

floor breakfast nook

Tay-ky Developments

Composite deck with set in hot tub and two level walk out from the main floor breakfast nook.

Outside Living

hot tub deck

McSpadden Custom Homes

This is a hot tub on the deck with an access to the master bedroom. A stone wall has jutted stones for candles and is meant to establish privacy in the area.

The Color Purple

modern spa

Red Rock Contractors

A modern spa in square shape that has mosaic tiles around and inside it. Note the modern concrete design around it that actually makes access to the tub easier.

Jds Outdoor Design

square hot tubs

Serota Home

An elegant space that has a relaxing aura from the lights, plants and the tub!

We know you felt like dipping into these hot tubs when you saw them especially that they were placed in an outdoor setting that is very much inviting. Isn’t it really nice to have one in your own home? Well, it would really be satisfying! Once you decide to get one for the family, try to go back to this article and check on how the designers above have creatively made these hot tubs look even more attractive and welcoming! You can also look swimming pools with spa. This might fit to your needs instead of a hot tub.