15 Transparent Glass Swimming Pool Safety Fences

It is indeed better to add a fence around the pool because this will ensure safety for those using it- especially if you have kids. But aside from being safe, your pool’s look will surely be enhanced! It can also allow unobstructed views to the landscaping around it. You can also see other areas near it clearly because of the glass fence.

Pool fences actually come in different materials but today, we will be featuring a list of swimming pools that used frameless glass pool fences. Now, take a look at how they did the design and how it affected the entire appeal of the pool and the house as well. Scroll down and feast your eyes on the lovely pool designs with glass pool fences below:

Noosa Villa

transparent pool fences

Design Unity

This modern pool has a glass fence around it enhancing its beauty. Ceramic tile in a royal blue adds a classic touch to it but still it retains the modern look!

Rural Resort

glass fence

Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

Take a look at how the glass fence adds elegance to this pool area. This is indeed a paradise in an urban setting!

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing – Sydney

rectangular pool

Crystal Pools

A rectangular pool outside this lovely home is like a symbol of a good life making your own home seems like a vacation home. Split level timber deck upgrades the sense of beauty of the pool.

Modern Pool Design

lighted waterfall weir

Space Landscape Designs

Retaining wall, lighted waterfall weir, pool lights and the glass fence- all these made this pool look totally dashing and inviting!

Noosa sound

pool tiles


Tiling of this pool was really done pretty well! The use of glass fence is another good design taste. No wonder this pool is so beautiful because it is made by an award-winning designer, the 4blue.


wooden pool deck

Art in Green

Using wood for the pool deck matched it well with the glass fence and the grass around it. The landscape is also very well done as it used stones for the planters add well as for the walkways.


pool area

Tim Davies Landscaping

One look at this pool area made us fall in love with it! The combination of materials and landscaping is just superb!


transparent pool fences

Aqua Vista Glass

Another design that we love because of its pool lights and the use of bricks on one side of the pool area while having glass fence around it. Another thing that made this pool area look stunning is the design of the balcony above.

Maroubra House Sydney

Frameless glasses

Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects

Frameless glasses with stainless steel spigots unobstructed the views to this pool and complement with its design really well.

Spanish/Mediterranean Residence

 spa area

Westfall Design Studio

You can see the spa portion which signals that the pool area looks as lovely as this one!

Exterior Sharon Appel Architect

lap pool

Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Look at the design of the pool here! A lap pool that has a round pool at the end! Isn’t it lovely? The pool is surrounded by a glass fence from end to end.

Peppermint Grove

glass fence designs

Tim Davies Landscaping

This glass fence allows the homeowners to see the patio while on the pool. The lights in pool seem like inviting us to get into it!

Putra Indrawan

outdoor scene

Putra Indrawan Photography

What is your first impression when you saw this pool? Well, we are sure you loved the look of the waters! With the glass fence around it, the pool is secured while adding appeal to the outdoor scene.

Rooms with a Pool View

formal garden

Sean Dowling

With the goal to create a formal garden that would capture the hearts of many, this area was built with a pool giving the outdoor rooms a calming view.

Eumundi Glass Pool

transparent pool fences

Brd Group Pty Ltd

A stunning pool area that is perfect for a night party! And when we talk about a night party, the area has to be safe to avoid accidents while on the deck.

You can see how a glass pool fence could make a huge difference to the pool areas shown above. It certainly enhances their beauty making them look a lot more inviting while ensuring security for those who will use it. But if you do not want to use fences around you pool, you can always leave it at is or you can add a pool enclosure. But of course, a pool enclosure is more expensive but it would allow you to use the pool anytime of the day in whatever kind of weather!