Out from the Blue (OFTB) Astonishing Landscapes and Swimming Pool Designs

A home would not be complete if the outdoor area is not well-designed, too. That is why most homeowners really seek help to make the outdoors look great. This is because they also want to have an area for relaxation outside the house with a touch of nature. Everyone would actually like that for the atmosphere under the sky is certainly better than that under the roof. Hence, there are houses that have swimming pools with a good landscaping. Although, there are also houses that do not have their own pools but still uses great landscaping with comfortable seating areas.

But then, it would still be fulfilling to have both great landscaping and swimming pool. That is what you are about to see in our feature for today. We will showcase the work of Out from the Blue (OFTB) which is a team of landscape architects, horticulturists and pool builders. You will surely be impressed on how they can make your outdoor area a cosy place to stay in. OFTB was establish in 1995 and are still showing their outstanding designs up to this day. They have the vision to “seamlessly integrate contemporary landscape design with high quality construction of concrete swimming pools”. As you go through their designs, you will agree that they were able to realize said vision.

Their designs are not just remarkable but it also extends the beauty of the homes to the outside. It brings the design concept of the house even to the pool and the landscaping. Each one is also unique for it is given a personal touch with the homeowner’s choice and desire. So, here are the pride of OFTB that will surely astonish you:


swimming pool designs An impressive pool design with an L-shaped lounge and areas for social gatherings with the pool as the focal point.


upholstered daybed This pool could be one of your dream pools where you can relax in its upholstered daybed and have a glimpse of its steel feature wall, garden beds and spa lounge.


rectangular pool A rectangular pool with a spa inclosed in it that will surely make your swimming enjoyable.


pool landscapes A unique pool where you can see what is going on inside because of the glass wall.


lap pool A lap pool with wet edge in a suspended pool structure that is indeed stunning with its creative ceramic tiles.


pool fencing With a great feature pool fencing, the outdoor area of this house is indeed brought to the next level of aesthetics.

Glen Iris

landscaping design A rectangular pool surrounded by a great landscaping giving it a touch of nature.


swimming pool designs Bluestones are used for this elegant swimming pool with a glass wall and a modern contemporary seating area.


High hedges High hedges are used as fence which continues the brick wall. The outdoor area is even made prettier with the pool design and and the accent wall.


glass tiles A long lap pool using glass and glass tiles to give it a great look.


pool landscapes This pool certainly adds elegance and sophistication to the house especially with its usage of glass walls.


good landscape The natural environment was preserved and made even better with a good landscape and a simple pool.


Ceramic tiles Ceramic tiles were arranged creatively which adds to the beauty of this pool.


Pool and spa Pool and spa is placed outside this residence to give the homeowners an avenue for relaxation.


swimming pool designs The pool area is no doubt attractive and comfortable with its great landscape design and cosy atmosphere.

Their designs are no doubt highly individual, imaginative and exciting with the manner of how they create their landscapes. Their swimming pools are also distinct and very welcoming. One could not resist the urge to dive into their pools that is given good lighting and apt manner of using ceramic tiles. Each pool design is even enhanced with their arrangement for the seating areas, pavilions and others. Out from the Blue has indeed shown us that it is not only the indoor beauty that matter but also the outside splendour.

Well, upon seeing all these designs, you might have thought of having one, too. You can re-create your yard by doing some simple landscaping and acquiring some landscaping ideas that could serve as your inspiration. Also, your swimming pool would be an added asset to your home which you might also want to have. Anyone can have all these in their yards. You can even try having one for you now as long as you have enough budget for it.