20 Breathtaking Ideas for a Swimming Pool Garden

A swimming pool isn’t just a water in a concrete vessel or whatever material found in your home. It has to have other features too and accessories that will make it look more inviting and beautiful. That is why we add some lights, sculptures, fountains, waterfalls and others to make it appear more welcoming and relaxing as well. Another thing that we mostly see with the pool is a garden.

A pool garden would be an awesome place for anyone to relax and unwind. Sitting or lounging in the pool deck with plants around you will make you feel near nature and it will also add to a stress-free environment. It is the feeling of freshness that makes plants valuable to anywhere in the house. How much more for a pool area? So, today we will give you a round-up of some swimming pool gardens you’d surely love! Say goodbye to a dull and boring pool area!

swimming pool garden

1. Swimming Pool at Creighton Farms

swimming pool garden

Creighton Enterprises Custom Homes

Aside from the lovely form and unique color of the pool its garden around it is equally stunning.

2. Foxfire

outdoor trees

Hendy Curzon Gardens Ltd

An avenue of trees! The trees that line around the pool is definitely pretty.

3. Swimming Pool

pool area

Garden View

What a view! I really like how this pool area is designed with all the plants, trees and lights.

4. Swimming Pool Garden

traditional pool

Victoria Lister Carley Landscape Architect

A traditional pool in Toronto has green ground covering and some bushes around it. Still beautiful!

5. Roof Top Garden with Swimming Pool

layout design

Hemant Barhate

Beautiful garden indeed! I so like how they did the layout of this one. The transparent pool even adds more beauty to it.

6. Swimming Pool Water Features

fountains planters

Platinum Poolcare

Planters, fountains, trees and all things green give this pool area a whimsical appeal!

7. The Old Garden Pool

pool landscape design

Quinlan & Francis Terry Architects

From the grass to paving, it sure is a stunning garden with all the greenery and trees.

8. South Florida Family Estate

redesigned backyard

Greeson & Fast Design

A newly redesigned back yard has a new vanishing edge pool that features vivid colors.

9. Swimming Pools Gardens

ecological swimming pool

Graduate Landscapes Ltd

An ecological swimming pool surrounded with hedges and wooden decking. What could be cozier than this?

10. Portfolio

swimming pool garden

Garden Grove Landscaping Inc

What a stunning blue pool! And yes, you can just surround it with plants of different kinds and heights and add a waterfall in it too.

11. Bridle Path

covered dining area

Pro-land Landscape Construction

Aside from the pool, the area around it like the covered dining and lounge areas are a nice place to stay in. And of course the garden is well-designed too.

12. Smithcliffs

contemporary pool

Prestige Builders

A contemporary pool with a basketball area, dramatic lighting and an astounding garden.

13. Swimming Pools Gardens


Graduate Landscapes Ltd

A pergola like this is a romantic addition to the pool area. How much more for having a garden around it.

14. Landscape, Pool, & Sculpture Garden

unique layout

Slater Associates Landscape Architects

This pool area has a unique layout but you can always fit in a garden whatever is the shape of your backyard.

15. South East

open space

Graduate Landscapes Ltd

An open space could be a vast garden but you can also add trees fenced by tiny plants.

16. Ka’apuni Beach Estate

palm trees

Peter Vincent Architects

For a tropical feel, add some palm trees around the pool and other type of plants too. Take note of that concrete bowl planter, isn’t it lovely?

17. Landscape Design

pool area design

James Dean Design

You can give your pool area a natural feel when you surround it with greens like this one.

18. Floating Layers

modern pool area

Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

A modern pool area with a garden of varying plants.

19. Miami Beach Garden

trees and plants

Raymond Jungles, Inc.

Another modern pool area where you can find trees and some plants fit for a modern landscaping.

20. La Jolla Custom Home

swimming pool garden

San Diego Select Inc., dba Select Builders

I love how the lights bring more drama into this pool area especially how it highlights the plants in here.

Pool areas would indeed look even better with a garden. Well, most pool areas has a garden but the design varies. Also, you can always add colors to your pool area through the garden. Add some flowering plants or even a curtain of green trees would look lovely. A garden can make your pool area even more relaxing. Don’t you think?