Amazingly Beautiful Pool Mosaic Ceramic Tiles from Craig Bragdy Design

Swimming pools are great areas for recreation especially when it is located in one’s own home. There are outdoor pools and indoor pools that also come in different shapes. Swimming pools come in different size and shapes depending on its usage. Some customize the shape according to how they want it to look. It can even be enhanced with water features and other accessories that can be added. Part of making a pool look great and more personalized is by using mosaic tiles of various designs for the pool’s flooring.

CBD or Craig Bragdy Design creates various ceramic tiles and mosaics. It has produced highly decorative mosaics and ceramics for over fifty years. Each unique swimming pool project is made in north Wales by an experienced and expert team of artists, designers and technicians. You can see how detailed their outputs are through the design of each swimming pool. They see to it that they work really well on every project, giving their best to give their clients the design they want.

So, for today’s feature, we will have a showcase of the various pool projects done by the CBD. Their pools are either client inspired or architecturally inspired. The client inspired pools make use of tiles chosen by the clients while the architecturally inspired is based on the architectural design, theme, details and style. Read on to check the mosaic tiles from CBD. Here they are:

Architecturally Inspired Project

pool mosaic ceramic tiles

Get an underwater feel with this ceramic tile of shells and swirls. The center circle is creatively done with decorative lines and curves.

creative design

This one is a closer look at one of the projects where the tiles were really done in a very detailed and creative manner.

Client Inspired Project

Kidney shaped indoor pool

Kidney shaped indoor pool with colorful mosaic tiles. Aside from the floor tiles, it is paired with wall tiles of abstract design with good colorful combinations.

mosaic tile design

This mosaic tile with blue shades has corals at the linings and a blue fish as the highlight.

pool mosaic ceramic tiles

Blue is the color of this swimming pool which is the effect of this tiles. There is also a 3D effect of the tile design.

underwater theme

An underwater world is seen in this mosaic tile work. It looks so perfectly done and looks really great especailly with the colorful fishes on it.

Abstract pool tiles

Abstract pool tiles with shades of blue and green. It certainly looks cool, attractive and very much inviting.

blue horses

If you love horses, this one would be the right one for you. It features blue horses which can give your pool a totally unique and quite mysterious look.

Underwater World Project

pool design

You are swimming in the pool but you feel like getting into to the sea with this kind of mosaic tiles.

pool mosaic ceramic tiles

Very beautiful and attractive underwater world design where one can will feel like scuba diving to see to world of fishes, corals and shells.

Fascinating isn’t it? Your swimming pool will surely look extraordinary if you make use of mosaic tiles like that from Craig Bragdy Design. You can even be proud of your own pool and you would undoubtedly invite family and friends to come over for a pool party. What’s good about using ceramic tiles like the ones above is it can make your poll look more personalized. It can also be unique from the plain tiles used by other pool owners. With tiles like this, your swimming pool can be another highlight of your home.

You might be inspired upon seeing the pools above. You can get the look of these pools or you can even choose a different pool designs depending on your taste. Also, you can look at other swimming pool design inspirations. You might also want to check on our pool design tips can also be your guide.