15 Remarkable Free Form Pool Designs

Most of the people enjoy a lot in swimming. Well many people think that swimming is just a good way of relaxing and taking away the stress from the busy schedule in their work. Swimming pools are not just for swimmers, it’s for everybody because swimming is also a form of exercise which is good for the heart. Also we can never deny the fact that the cool water in the pool may surely refresh the minds and hearts of the homeowner. Moreover, swimming pools come in different size, shapes, forms and styles as well. For instance there are diving pools, lap pools, free form pools and others. Well today, we will be showcasing the different designs of Free Form Pools.

Free Form Swimming Pools are said to be pools that doesn’t need to conform in any shape or standard size. It is commonly used when the available space doesn’t require to be in a geometric design. Typically, the perfect shape for our swimming pool is not that easy to design. Since you must need to consider the place for it is an extensive part of our house. This will complement with the appearance of a house design and landscape as well. Now we are going to amaze you with the different remarkable Free Form Ideas of pools found below.

Cancun 66

free form pools

Viking Pools

Surrounded by coconut trees and green plants this free form swimming may surely offer the most relaxing area of the house.

Carefree Augusta

open space

This open space highlighted this free form shape of this pool.

Knox Pool

green water

Carefree Augusta

Here is the green water in the pool that jives with the trees and shrubs that surrounded it.

The Southernwind

blue design

This blue free form pool in this area provides a refreshing look in the middle of this house made of stone by Southern Wind.

swimming pool

This free form swimming pool seems inviting the homeowner to stay and enjoy the fresh air in this area.

fresh water

This may be simple free form pool but it can certainly provide fresh water and relaxation to the homeowner.

outdoor area

The pool in free form is enclosed with this fence to separate this area from the other space.

landscape design

The beautiful landscape complements the free form shape of this pool.

vibrant lights

The vibrant lights and pool lights installed in this free form shape make this more elegant and luxurious.

Free Form Swimming Pool


The umbrella build in the side of this free form type of swimming pool gives more attraction.

additional stones

The additional stones placed in the sides of this free form pool give out another texture on this free form pool.

texture elements

Southern Wind Pools

While looking at this free form pool, you may notice that the designer applied the different texture and dimension to artistically impress the homeowner.

Form Pool

fountain design

Let’s take a glimpse on this amazing fountain in this pool surrounded by this green trees by Blue Haven.

green plants

As you can see the shape of this pool is like the flow of the water in the river surrounded by trees and green plants.

free form pools

Blue Haven

You may notice the dark chocolate brown tiles used as a borderline in this free form pools that stressed out its form.

Thus, we can say that these Free Form Pools provides freedom to the designer which can allow the concept of new setting spaces to its side. The designer must also consider the personality and home style which is the most vital aspect of the designs. While the clients usually come up with their chosen style and the soft curves and free flowing movement of this swimming pool can allow the homeowner to add more spaces and elevated living spaces here. Well if you have plans, you might consider the designs above. What do you think? Take a look at Indoor Pool Designs and read on some Points to Consider in Designing a Totally Amusing Pool.

Bonus Video: Free Form Swimming Pool Construction