18 Rejuvenating Indoor Pool Inspirations

It wouldn’t be too much if you reward yourself a splashing and relaxing addition to the house you’ve ever wanted to have. We’ve already shared a couple of pool designs in the past and that would include Infinity Pools and Outdoor Pools. This time, we’d want to showcase a series of Indoor Pools for again, another set of choices you could be inspired of. Pool designs vary in size and style the way you need or want it as part of the whole home architecture and it is where the instinct of prolific designers come in.

Why should you want an Indoor Pool? That’s a question you may ask. There are times when we’d want to relax in areas away from the sun or simply feel the privacy of relaxation. There would also be times when the weather isn’t as cooperative as we wanted it to be but we’d still want to splash fun out. Another would be the location of your place. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re living in a condominium and you can’t have your own pool. That’s why Design means a lot. Those are a few of the many advantages that Indoor Swimming Pools can give to you and your convenience so feel free to click through and be rejuvenated with this collection.

Malibu Indoor Pool

Elegant Indoor Swim Pool Ideas

Fernanda Marques

An elegant indoor pool of a modern house.

Well-Spirited Pool

David Hallam

A different pool design that could eventually suit one’s need.

Charlotte Indoor Pool

Refreshing Idea

Luxury Collection

A huge indoor swimming pool in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Really Nice Indoor Swimming Pool Design

Heidel House Resort & Spa

The pool inside shown above goes with two whirlpools

Indeed Relaxing

Holiday Inn Pittsburgh Airport

A simple yet a relaxing indoor themed pool for the comfort of a small crowd or family.

Relaxing Pool design

A cool indoor motif swimming pool in Japan.

Indoor Modern Pool

Minimalistically Cool Indoor Swimming Pool Design

Vienna Marriott Hotel

A relaxing pool to keep you in shape. The image is captured using a Nikon D700.

Simply Pool Idea

Westin Hotels and Resorts

One of Berlin, Germany’s well-designed indoor pool.

Well-Designed Pool

Porto Bay Trade

The indoor pool design has been captured using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Indoor Design Pool

Magnificently Pool Design

This indoor design pool photo is taken in Bahrain.

Indoor Pool

Impressive modern pool

Luxury Collection Hotels and Resorts

An Elciego, Spain impressive pool design.

Project Overview

Really Cool Indoor

Hernan Pagani

An indoor style pool designed for a small-spaced residential area.

Extraordinary Indoor Pool


A mansion type indoor pool where the ceiling could be a glass to see through the sky or simply a ceiling that’s painted with clouds.

Pool Idea

Luxurious Pool Idea


Pool design rendered in Mental Ray.

Pretty Relaxing Pool Design


Indoor rendered pool design done in Cad, 3DsMax, Vray and Photoshop.

Overwhelming Indoor Design

A huge overflowing indoor swimming pool design for a conveniently spaced area.

Well-Lighted Pool Design

Another one of David Hallam’s pleasantly designed indoor pools.

Indoor Inspiration Pool

Indoor Pool Design

David Hallam

A well-accented and environmentally pleasant indoor pool design.

Being innovative is endless when it comes to Architecture and Interior Designs indeed. Pools can ever be amazing even when it’s in or outdoors. It’s all up to what you want, what you need and what you should have, right? So which pool would you want to splash into your home? Let us know…