20 Exquisite Kidney Shaped Pool Designs

One of the most crucial factors in deciding to build a swimming pool in your house is choosing the best shape. We have shared to you the different shapes of swimming pool designs in our previous post and we are certain that you have decided what shape would you think is suited in your landscape. And for sure that certain shapes of swimming pool will really complement with the beautiful area in your backyard. The kidney shape may be on the top of your list since it is usually popularly chosen by so many homeowners.

Well the kidney shaped pool is similar to a long oval pool with an indentation on one side. As we all know this kind of shape appears to be more natural. It can provide a more natural placement of a shallow end and it has deep end for swimmers. While most designers tend to make use of its deep end as they placed the spa in the indented area that might be planted with green plants as to harmonize the balance of nature. So now we will let you choose among the 20 Kidney Shaped Pools that we have collected from the different designers. Why don’t you check those images below?

Maui 1

kidney shaped pools

Spotted here is the beautiful spa in the indented area of this swimming pool where you can stay and relax for a while.

Straightback Kidney Shape Pool

unique furniture

By putting some unique furniture in the sides of this kidney shaped pool, the vacant area is used smartly.

Sea Breeze 1

light green tiles

The light green tiles used in the floor of this swimming pool is very effective to make the water look fresh.

Kidney Pool with Hammock

blue tiled floor


With its curve and blue tiled floor, this swimming pool will possibly offer the clean and cool water enough to refresh the homeowner’s mind and body.

Monterey 1

flowing water

The flowing water from the slides in this swimming pool curve can make the water move freely in the pool.

Sun Coast

indoor swimming pool

Here is the indoor swimming pool and as you can see the designer built a basketball hoop so that the members of the family can play basketball while swimming on it.


green plants

The area may be limited but this swimming pool is enclosed with many green plants.

Monterey 2

kidney shaped pool

The spa in this indented part of this kidney shaped pool added more attraction for the visitor who will stay with the homeowners.

Sun Coast 2

landscape design

The amazing landscape as well as this swimming pool may surely connect the homeowner close to nature.

Monterey 3

kidney shaped pools

The wooden furniture as well as the wooden tiles that the designer used for the floor on the sides of this swimming pool make it more natural.

Sun Coast 3

outdoor area

This kind of swimming pool may be modern but its shape is perfect to utilize the available space in this outdoor area.

Cape Coral

highlighted features

In the afternoon, this space is one of the highlighted features of the homeowners’ house.

Sun Coast 4

water fountain

Extraordinary water fountain built in the side of this pool breaks its simplicity to be more appealing.

Maui 2

pebbles and water

The pebbles and water from the spa creates a more refreshing feeling to the client.

Monterey 4

blue color

The color of the sky as well as the water in the pool is enough to let the client enjoy the heat of the sun.

Sun Coast 5

big rocks

The big rocks and the rough texture of the tiles in the floor added more attraction to this area.

Kidney Shaped Pool

terrace view

Barrier Reef Pools

From the terrace, you can see the bubbles from the water in the pool that is generated by an electric current.

Sea Breeze

furniture design

This swimming pool is placed in a more spacious area so the different furniture can be placed here as well as the designer was able to make the best landscape here.

Sun Coast 6

white flowers

The white flowers in this area complement the color of the furniture used by the designer.

Cape Coral

kidney shaped pools

Viking Pools

The colourful flowers planted in this area is very much effective to come up with a more lively picture with the swimming pool.

Finally, we can say that those above designs are really incredible. This will really turn the simple outdoor space into a more elegant and luxurious area in your house. Also this area will not be just a perfect spot in your home but the best place where you can allow your friends to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Thus we are pretty sure that you have already picked your best option. You can look at the 10 Different Shapes of Swimming Pools and be guided on How to Choose Pool Design and Shape.