15 Modern Inground Pools to Love

Inground pools are common. These are pools that are fully or partially in the ground. These are made either from concrete, fiber glass and other materials. Today, we will be showing you different designs of modern inground pools. You can notice how these inground pools were designed to fit the home’s exterior design.

Most modern pools are sleek and seamless. These looked perfect with the sleek lines of modern homes. But even if most of them used straight lines, they never looked boring! You can understand what we are talking about once you see the collection below:

Caulfield Courtyard Pool

modern inground pools

Neptune Swimming Pools

Plastic reconstituted timber deck from Modwood, bluestone coping and granite paving were used for this modern inground pool in a courtyard.

Cantoni House Axis

pool design


The house is beautifully designed while the pool also goes well with that beauty.

Wm MacCollum

outdoor scene

William MacCollum

A serene outdoor scene with a lovely inground pool that is given life by its light and a fire pit.

Las Palmas Oasis

blue accent

H3K Design

The blues in this area creates not just a coherent look but also a cool and calming aura.

Balfoort Architecture, Inc.

outdoor design

Balfoort Architecture, Inc.

A pool could amazingly create a connection between the indoor and outdoor areas of the house, just like what this pool did to this space.

Coyote House

modern contemporary home

Sage Architecture

A modern contemporary home looked even more appealing with this inground pool in the yard.

Platinum Pools Chicago Pool

modern concrete pool

Platinum Poolcare

Who would not love this modern concrete pool? With a great architecture plus a great pool design, this area is a total stunner!

Manasota Key Beach House

modern inground pools

Wicked Smart Homes

Fire pits on top of concrete cubes added drama to this pool with an arc form. This pool sure made this home look even more beautiful!

American Modern Exterior

asymmetrical house

Hollwich Kushner

An asymmetrical house exterior with a modern pool on the side. The pool is fenced with frameless glass.

Academia Modern Inground Pool

Grecian pool

KDL Architects

A modern inground Grecian pool with wooden decking grace the outdoor scene of this dwelling. The lights in it seem to invite anyone to get into it.

Drakes Residence

central attractions

Faust Construction

We love the color combination of the home’s exterior. The pool acts a central attraction of this home.


courtyard design


A courtyard with a pool that serves as an oasis for dining, entertaining and relaxation.


swimming pool lights

Bittoni Design Studio

The pool shape reflects the shape of the house. Even the lights from the house are also extended to the pool.

Geometric Outdoor Inground Swimming Pools

pool layout

Platinum Poolcare

This sure is a place where the homeowners could get both leisure and relaxation.

Hunts Point Project

modern inground pools

KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas

A backyard inground stone pool looking lovely against the exterior finish of the home.

These modern pools will surely inspire you and would give you ideas on what pool design you could use for your home. You can also look into how the layout is done in every home shown above. But be sure that you’ll pick a design that suits your house. You can also check on some stylish pool enclosure if you decide to get one for your pool. Be back for more home design inspirations here in Home Design Lover!