20 Landscaping Ideas for Above Ground Swimming Pool

A beautiful pool area is comprised of a relaxing pool and a stunning landscape.

Setting up a swimming pool on your backyard is a very exciting and fun thought. Imagine that, you can just enjoy your one burning up summer anytime of the day you want. No need to pack things and rash to a shore nearby. Your summer would be !less hassle, just fun and enjoyment. To fully enjoy the feel of the breeze, the experience of seaside scenery and the beauty of nature; your landscape must be effectively designed.

As I recall, prior to this collection – I have already opened up ideas on how the designs would go for above ground pool. So today, we will be focusing more on with ideas on how your landscape would look like. You should pay attention on this matter for this will really define the completeness of your design. Since the design of the pool is raised from the ground then decks or landscape should somehow be leveled on the topmost entry of the pool. And other additional concept would be based on your decision, of course. But to give you ideas on how to form an amazing landscape then check out this collection of designs!

landscape above pool

1. Holliday

above ground pool landscape

Craig Reynolds

Achieving a tropical pool would not very hard with the use of green plants and trees.

2. City Beach

garden landscape

Tim Davies Landscaping

Putting up garden around the pool area is just so stunning enhancing the feel of breeze.

3. Custom Home: Alamo Heights

gravel rock filling

MSA Architecture + Interior

Embrace a Mediterranean inspired design of a pool by completing it with rock pebbles around the ground.

4. Pool Landscape

recreational space

Arterra Landscape Architects

Wow! The designs vision was to take advantage of the agrarian site and the highlight views.

5. Lake Michigan Project

lake view

Apex Landscape

Wouldn’t it be lovely when your sanctuary overlooks a beautiful lake afar?

6. Villa Hakuna Matata


Van Kirk & Sons Pool

Aside from visual purpose; trees and plants can be a useful shade around the pool.

7. Bel Air Residence

bermuda grass

Ab Design Studio

Bermuda grass offers a clean and organized look to a landscape.

8. Land Design

bricks and stones

Land Design Tx

This is so cool that they used rocks and stone to outline the beauty of this outdoor space.

9. Contemporary Landscape


Frameless Impressions

Looking above really looks beautiful; lighting has great effect to every design.

10. California Pools

above ground pool landscape

AMS Landscape Design

The pool has a wonderful eclectic design perfectly matched with lively green plants.

11. Orinda residence


Nick Noyes

It would also be a nice thing to add a deck especially for raised pools that would add glamour to the setting.

12. Summer Pool

summer design

Pebble Tec

This is totally a perfect weekend asylum that would calm and invigorate our feeling.

13. W Design


Watershapes by Wallace

I really think that creating a peculiar shape for your pool is very striking and engaging.

14. Farmhouse Landscape


Artesian Custom Pool

Planning for a farmhouse pool renovation? I think this can be a perfect inspiration – just simple yet very charming!

15. Traditional Home


Becker Studio

By just looking unto those tall trees I can feel the newness in this area.

16. Saratoga Residence

covered walk

Modern House Architects

You can also have shed roofs instead of trees, a contemporary way of styling.

17. Pennsylvania Stone

pebble rock

Pool Environment

This is a very simple yet elegant style of swimming pool with very pleasant surroundings.

18. Personal Resort

carribean patio

Robert J. Neylan

Creating your pool area like your personal resort is a very brilliant idea.

19. Whittaker


Craig Reynolds

Having planters on every corner create a paradise-like sanctuary that is extremely filled with tranquillity.

20. Energy Efficient

above ground pool landscape

Pool Environment

This is a type of low maintenance landscape – simple yet still alluring.

So now, do you foresee the beauty of your swimming areas? Getting excited for the outcome? Then start planning now! But hey wait! Just a tip of advice, I think that living plants and blooming flowers should not be forgotten in a landscape design. In short, gardens should be visible in this area. What do you think? See it for yourself then!