20 Pool Seating Area with Cushions

Wouldn't it be nice to feel more comfy even in the pool area?

Adding of chairs or seating areas anywhere in the house creates more spaces for hanging out or bonding with family and friends. Every so often, I think that there are tons of awesome chair designs out there and it’s a matter of getting to the right place where you can get the chair that you actually want; because truth be told, most of the times, we’d prefer getting the ones closest to us even when we think there are prettier designs in some other store somewhere.

Convenience versus cost. Which one do you usually choose? Below is a list that we have collated which basically revolves around different chair designs that you can use in your outdoor space or something around the pool. The chairs could either be lounge chairs while some are pretty much armchairs or sofas. Do check them out and tell us what you think!

seating area cushions pool

1. Barton Creek Two

pool seating area

Austin Outdoor Design

What do you think about the color used with the cushions in this outdoor seating area? For one thing, they are really eye-catchy and they complement well with the color of the concrete seen all around the space; and the fact of that there are a couple of trees in here, it feels a bit closer to Mother Earth.

2. Dallas Swimming Pool

pool design

Bonick Landscaping

Now with a stunning space like this one, I would love to think that the home owners should enjoy having pool parties. I like the fact that they used cushion fabrics similar to the colors used on the tiles of the pools too; wooden pathways adds a dramatic effect in this outdoor space.

3. Maison Au Cap Ferret

seating furniture

Eponyme Architecture

I can’t say for sure that this is actually a pool created for a home – because this space sure looks like there are a lot of seating; but it may belong to a large family. I personally like this set-up though; also, the fact that this place is like wrapped in wooden planks is pretty cool.

4. Overhill Road

outdoor area

Rossington Architecture

This outdoor area with a swimming pool is a bit looking like a vintage space or something. The use of the stones seen on the stairs and the walls of the pool sure looks pretty awesome. The choice of lounge chairs and the umbrellas in stainless steel is neat.

5. Snapper Creek

cute lounge chairs

Michael Wolk Design Associates

I added this outdoor space in this list because of the cute lounge chairs in here. The cushions seem a bit like how yoga mats are made – slim but pretty much comfortable; plus the color is quite the thing too! Adding cute coffee tables to outdoor spaces like this one makes the space prettier.

6. The Crafted House

indoor pool

Folio Design LLP

Now, this is one indoor pool; unusual but is practiced. Personally, if I’d have a pool in my house, I wouldn’t want it indoors since I would really love to get the tan while sun bathing and all that; but of course this place is quite a beauty.

7. Whale Rock Lane

swimming pool

Eisner Design

I think that I already have featured this space somewhere, sometime before; why not, right? The swimming pool sure is simple, but quite large. The view of the house, those cute bushes and the large trees on the background is something I would enjoy seeing everyday.

8. Anaheim Hills House

pool shape

Cathy Morehead

A cool shape for a pool and I think it’s really fabulous! The stone work done around the pool and it sure looks really pretty and awesome. I like how this Anaheim home has this great backyard for them to enjoy and maybe inviting people over would mean that they’d enjoy it too.

9. Beach House II

rustic design

Bruce Palmer Coastal Design

This home sure looks a bit rustic because of all the bricks used in here. A beautiful swimming pool, a cute jacuzzi which is surrounded with cushioned lounge chairs – this sure is one place I’d love to really hang out in and have fun with my family and friends.

10. Crosby Residence

pool seating area

Frederick + Frederick Architects

This Crosby home looks a bit simple from this angle but is definitely a beautiful space in general. The unique pool and fountain in this space is sure a treat! What do you think about this space?

11. Bella Vista

beach view

Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

In the Philippines, there are a couple of hotels or resorts that have Bella Vista in their names – I mean, why won’t they consider it, right? When they have the prettiest views to offer the people who would actually visit them!

12. Major Crescent Lysterfield

pool furnitures

Apex Landscapes & Pools

Wherever this place is, I sure wish I could visit it. The area is just perfect-looking – so fancy and crazy beautiful. I’m pretty sure that the people who lives in here enjoys the perks of the place and would love sharing them with their relatives and friends through gatherings or special occasions.

13. McCart Court

large front yard

Rossington Architecture

With a stunning house like this one, plus a large front yard with a cool swimming pool, it makes me think that the teenagers, or even the parents living in this house would have a reputation for throwing the best parties – indoors or outdoors.

14. Napa Vineyard Retreat


Remick Associates Architects + Master Builders

In a couple of TV series or movies that I’ve seen that involves Napa Valley – I get this admiration for the place. The vineyards that surround the place, the great sites there area and the people around these areas seem warm and loving; maybe it’s the wines that run in their veins, because this place sure gets a lot of credit for being a great place to visit.

15. Prickly Pear


Austin Outdoor Design

I always thought that trellises are pretty; that they’re great for the roof tops of our houses, in out gardens and of course by the swimming pools or patios. In here we see that the trellis covers the seating area added to this outdoor space for the people lounging by the pool area and the ones planning to swim.

16. San Juan Capistrano

stunning villa design

RKC Builders Inc.

This home looks is a stunning villa with a lovely outdoor pool where people can enjoy awesome pool parties. The effect of the palms and the plants create a very natural and Earthy outdoors; the wooden trimmings in here adds that eco-friendly feel.

17. Selah Residence

large swimming pool

Stuart Silk Architects

This is definitely one large swimming pool! From the looks of it, this is a great place for big parties – whether it involves swimming or not. The large area allows the home owners to cater guests for awesome meals while the large swimming pool allows them to encourage guests to take a quick dip in it.

18. Tortuga

country home

Austin Outdoor Design

Now this Austin home sure is ideal for those summers wherein you just want to get away from the city. The country home and the great outdoors allows the home owners to relax and have fun while vacationing in a place they can also call home; even for the summers.

19. Vistas Las Palmas

modern design

Steven Cheroske Design

This is one modern way of putting things – you want to hang out and chill, pretty much enjoy the outdoors while staying at home. This home in Vistas Las Palmas will surely be a great place to stay if you want to relax during the weekend – alone or otherwise.

20. Palm Beach House

pool seating area

Justin Long Design

This is one awesome seating area that you can surely go ahead and sleep. Lounging in a beautiful and serene place like this one is luxury everyone would enjoy. The stellar view of the beach is an additional perk you’ll get when you actually visit this place – they call haven.

If this list of 20 Pool Seating Area with Cushions is a treat for you, you should go ahead and check out the wicker chairs in the pool that is as comfy as this list and share them with your friends! More awesome chair designs in the future from Home Design Lover!