20 Gorgeous Yellow Sofa Living Room

Time and time again, I see the color yellow as something related to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It reminds me of something that is so pretty, light-hearted, classy and sophisticated. If you are familiar with her, you know that she lived poor but she was beautiful, kind, smart and somehow self-sacrificing.

The use of the color yellow in this list of 20 Gorgeous Yellow Sofa Living Room may not be self-sacrificing as Belle was, but they sure are pretty, sophisticated, classy and light! You will notice that however the color yellow is used in the pictures, whether it is just the sofa or the entire space, I am sure that it will brighten the room, check it out!

1. Adamo Family Home

yellow sofa designs

Noah Darnell

Adding a bright colored sofa in your living room sure lightens up the room!

2. Casa Bella

beautiful design

Kolbe Windows & Doors

If I am not mistaken, Bella means beautiful – and this home sure lives up to its name!

3. Chicago Living Rooms

furniture choices

IC360 Images Jim Tschetter

I am pretty much intrigued with the arrangement of this house; totally love he entire look of this space and the great furniture choices.

4. Comfortable Living Area in Dallas

small area

Isler Homes

Notice how the yellow colors made this small area classier and more sophisticated than if another color was used for the sofa or the chair?

5. Detroit Contemporary Living Room

seat aera

Rariden, Schumacher, Mio Interiors

Isn’t it fascinating that adding a seat different from the entire color scheme of your space makes all the difference?

6. Long Beach Residence

color palettes

Emc2 Interiors

This Long Beach residence sure has an interesting color palette.

7. Mid-Century Modern Remodel Sunroom Conversion

window furniture

Habitat for Humanity

If I have a view like that, I promise that I will let my sofa face the window! Haha!

8. On the Fairway

masculine design

Ryan Group Architects

I like the masculine look of this space and how contemporary it looks even with the vintage yellow sofa.

9. Pond House

green sofas

180 Degrees

If you saw out list of green sofas, we had a living room with the same exact seating – do check it out!

10. Price Residence

piano furniture I do not play the piano, but I do not mind having one at home!

11. Sarasota Florida Home

yellow sofa designs


The seating in this Florida home sure is pretty and bright!

12. Scandinavian Living Room

living room designs

Jan Skacelik

I always love a decent eclectic living room like this one!

13. Sunset

grey living room

Sally Wheat Interiors

This grey living room sure needed the little color that the yellow sofa gave along with the colorful painting by the mantle.

14. Tree House

sofa combinations

Foursquare Builders

I love the sofa combination in this tree house! Plus the wall sure is interesting too!

15. West Perry Street

window treatment

Rethink Design Studio

Fascinating arrangement is seen in this living room! I like the window treatment and chandelier.

16. Baltimore Beach House

intimate design

JBM Designs, LLC

I love this space because of how intimate it seems; note how fun the colors are too!

17. Charlotte Family Room

fun colors

Nancy Taylor Lynch Interior Design, Inc.

Are we talking about fun colors again in this living room? Of course we are! This family room sure is funky as it is fun and lively!

18. Misty Spencer Living Room

vintage chair

Sarah Greenman

Here is one vintage chair to look forward to everyday when you get home!

19. Vancouver Holiday Home

living room decors

Maria Killam

Notice the gifts in the space? Sure you do!

20. Winston Salem Living Room

yellow sofa designs

Remick Associates Architects + Master Builders

Bright yellow sofa adorn this contemporary Winston Salem home.

What do you think about this list about 20 Gorgeous Yellow Sofa Living Room? They sure brightened every room in the list we have above! You can also get other colors for your living room sofa and it will give you a similar appeal! Using these sofas make the spaces more interesting and fun! Hope you enjoyed this list!