20 Plush Pink Sofa Living Room

It’s funny how our editor asked me if I was actually trying to complete the color wheel with the lists of the sofas in the living room! Well, I was thinking that this would have to be the last since the colors that I picked before this are the major colors that we usually use for furniture (or sofas in general). If you have any particular color in mind, you can go ahead and tell us about it.

Below are the best pictures we have collected of pink couches. This 20 Plush Pink Sofa Living Room are actually interesting. The shades of pink couches in this list is kind of cute – I am personally not aware of all the shades there are but I’m sure that there is a hue for everyone. Take a look at the living room designs below and send us some love!

pink sofa living room

1. 3903 Balcones

3903 Balcones1

Allison Cartwright

Look at how lovely this living room is! It is very minimalist in design and decor but it sure looks superb!

2. Beautiful Sitting Room

Beautiful Sitting2

Modern Design Cabinetry

If you ask me, the very large window sure completed the entire look of this living room; the pink couch and pink dashes on the furniture makes it really feminine and beautiful.

3. Bridgeport Living Room

Sara Hopkins3

Sara Hopkins Interiors

I think the traditional floral prints in the armchairs and the drapes is really cute, adding a sofa in pink sure completes the look.

4. Brillig Manor Family Room

Brillig Manor4

Unconscious on Canvas

The gold accents in this family room sure makes this space fancier and really interesting.

5. Buckinghamshire Residence

Buckinghamshire Residence5

LLI Design

White living room with enough color for days! I am totally crushing on the coffee table and the area carpet.

6. Chicago Eclectic Living Room

Summer Thornton6

Summer Thornton Design, Inc.

This Chicago living room is a bit Asian and I love it!

7. Family House in East Sussex

East Sussex7

Georgina Gibson Interior Design

In a living room like this, adding a bit of color sure makes it look funky! The choice of couches sure makes me think that the owner likes a bit of vintage.

8. Historic Downtown Charm Austin

Charm Austin8

Sarah Natsumi Moore

A bit velvet in material, the pink couches sure look lovely in this neutral colored living room.

9. House in Potomac, MD

Potomac MD9

Cliff Elmore Architects PLLC

A simple Maryland home with a stunning living room set.

10. Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens10

Increation Interior Design

Here is a seating area with a large with minimal seats, but hey, if you have this beautiful sight on the outside, might as well stay outdoors or peek at the window for hours.

11. Mainline Traditional

Mainline Traditional11

Cherokee Construction

My twin sister loves pink and I’m sure that she will love this living space! That’s for sure!

12. Penthouse Val D Isere

Penthouse Val12

Éditions Limitées by Jorge Grasso

This is the pink color I actually like, soft and not too bright.

13. Philadelphia Penthouse

Philadelphia Penthouse13

Caitlin Wilson

This hot pink couch sure complements this entire living space by adding pink pillows and pink lining on the drapes!

14. Raleigh Residence

Raleigh Residence14


Pairing pink and apple green or green in general is actually a great and fun combination.

15. Space and Design

Rick Ricozzi15

Rick Ricozzi

The design of this pink couch sure is wonderful and very Cleopatra-ish. I like it and I’m sure that any woman would love this one too.

16. Top Hat Residence

Top Hat16

Joe Serrins Studio

Against this blue accent wall, this pink vintage sofa is prettier and looks more gorgeous.

17. Vintage Style Living Room

Vintage Style17

Vintage Renewal

Vintage Renewal has a list of wonderful couch and armchair designs that you will actually like. Check them out!

18. West Side Cottage

Sarah Phipps18

Sarah Phipps Design

I know that the pink couch is away in this picture, but it sure looks cuddly and really pretty.

19. Woodvalley House

Woodvalley House19

Ziger/Snead Architects

Woodvalley House sure showcase a large amount of books on the background and a wonderful painting against the pink couch.

20. Loft Paris

Loft Paris20

Manuel Sequeira Architect D.P.L.G.

Notice the combination of pink and violet in this space? Pretty eclectic but sure is fun!

There you have it guys, the 20 Plush Pink Sofa Living Room that sure is as fascinating and pretty. The designs of the sofas and the living rooms in both the lists are both interesting and really beautiful. There might be a chance that you have a more wonderful choice on your own but the ones on the list without a doubt were interesting, right? More fun and color lists from Home Design Lover! Till next time guys!