15 Lovely Living Room Designs with Blue Accents

Last Friday, we showcased living room designs accented with purple decors. We are pretty sure that you loved them, that is why we will be showing you more living spaces with different colored accents. It’s a good thing since it’s summer time and there are a lot people who loves to redecorate during this season, and having designs that we will be showing you will pretty much inspire you!

We will be showcasing 15 Lovely Living Room Designs with Blue Accents that vary in different types of designs like contemporary living rooms, traditional ones and even the eclectic ones! We sure hope that these photos will serve as inspiration for you guys! Take a look and enjoy!

Blue Summer

blue accent rooms

Su Casa Designs

How do like this homey summer home? The blue colored furniture matches the beauty you get to see every day by the sea.

Charlotte Living Room

interesting furnitures

Lucy And Company

This is one charming living room that showcase interesting furniture and decor plus a great accent wall.

Coastal Living Room

comfy blur chairs

Maxwell House of Design

How do you like these huge and comfy blur chairs? The plain walls complement the chunk of color given by the furniture!

Contemporary Living Room

royal blue sofa

Look at how stunning the royal blue sofa is beside the glamorous stand lamp. The decors in this space is minimalist and lovely.

Contemporary Media Room

colored furniture

Tracy Murdock

Using neutral colored furniture like whites and browns complement well with the royal blue color of the walls.

Cozy Family Home

chairs design

Niche Interiors

From the name itself, this home sure is cozy! From the chairs, to the ottoman to the wonderful view!

East Falls Townhouse

blue accent wall


This blue accent wall looks fabulous thanks to the painting added and the neutral colored sofa matched with the colorful pillows.

Hillside Estate

blue accent rooms


Look at how wide the angle is, in terms of the living space seen in this picture. Simple white furniture was used along with printed carpets and painting in the room. Adding a piano in the corner added drama to the room!

Lutherville Family Room

high walls

Jenkins Interior Design

The high walls look great with the trimmings added by the windows and drapes. Adding more seating in the room gave more space for people who come to visit.

Oma’s Retreat

printed blue fabrics

Starr Miller

The polka dots and printed blue fabrics used for the side chairs and pillows complement well with the plain sofa and plain walls. For added drama, the designer used blue as the accent wall.

Sao Paolo Contemporary Living Room

interior design

Marcelo Brito

This contemporary living room sure looks really blue! From the aura, we can say that this home is by the sea. The colors and materials used sure gives a relaxing aura.


functional area

Anthony Baratta

This seaside living room sure is classy and homey at the same time. Function was never compromised for beauty in this sample.

Traditional Living Room

faux fireplace


A good example of a traditional living room – in blue! Great furniture was used, along with great decor and faux fireplace.

Turn of the Century Cottage

color palettes

Stringer Inc.

This space is almost colorful because of the color palette used. From the blues to the whites, to the yellows to the black trimmings!

Western Springs Living Room

blue accent rooms

Vintage Scout

We love this small living room – from the space saver furniture, to the decors and furnishings!

And that was our 15 Lovely Living Room Designs with Blue Accents that sure did gave us stuff to think about! The rooms were great, the spaces were well-planned and when you think about it, all the rooms showed an aura of calmness and a sense of relaxation however the rooms were designed. Take a look at our Red Themed Living Room Designs and all our other color-themed room for more inspirations!