20 Clean and Gorgeous White Sofa Living Room

This list may seem out of hand since we have already featured a couple of sofa in the living room with different colors – we had a list of green sofas, blue, black and even red! This time around, we wanted to give you a simpler list with simple and beautiful white sofa living room.

Today, we will be showing you a list of 20 Clean and Gorgeous White Sofa Living Room! They come in different sizes and designs which you can actually check for your future reference since we all know that the color white, like black, grey and other neutrals match any room design. Take a look below and send us some lovin’ about what you think about them!

white livingroom sofa

1. 1950s Ranch

white sofa living room

Angela Flournoy

Look at how colorful the decors and furnishings this living room have; having a white sofa makes all the difference.

2. Boston Traditional Living Room

beach home

Molly Frey Design

This Boston beach home sure is comfortable looking with its white and blue combination.

3. Burlington Traditional Living Room

white couch

Tamar Schechner

Having a white couch is a chance for you to play with colorful throw pillows like this one.

4. Condo over False Creek

classy white condo

Total 360

One classy white condo with subtlety and contemporary white furniture.

5. Contemporary Home in Vancouver

black and white

Dawna Jones Design

Pretty much a black and white home with awesome and contemporary furniture and decor. The lamp plus the animal head is my favorite.

6. Gilded Manor

unique white sofa

Gilded Manor

A unique white sofa that allows guests to crowd in the living room and at the same time face one another.

7. Jen + Raymond Cleveland, OH

trinkets decors

Adrienne DeRosa

A pretty crowded living room with tons of trinkets for you to check out and dwell in. Look at the cool animal head in white with a bronze antlers.

8. Marblehead Residence


Terrat Elms Interior Design

Almost beach themed, this white living room is one simple and beautiful space to stay in and chat.

9. Miami Style Living Room

Vintage chair

Imagine Living

Vintage chair ideal for any glam living room especially in a white setting.

10. Modern Bermuda

printed armchairs

JMA Interior Design

Adding colored or printed armchairs in a living room with white as the main color choice, adds interest and funk to your space.

11. New York Living Room

white sofa living room

Sherrill Canet Interiors

New York living in white and blue – I totally love the combination!

12. Richmond, 1930s Refurbishment


Amory Brown

Like mirrors? Showcase them in your gorgeous living room! Stunning white couch with a blue lining.

13. Spanish Oak Highland Hills

colorful area carpet

Watermark & Company

Totally dig the whole colorful area carpet against the white long sofas.

14. Spice Bay Residence

white couches

Stofft Cooney Architects

Plain white couches in front of one another with a cute and cozy coffee table; like the printed carpet too.

15. The Sabine Plan at Sky Ranch

gorgeous window

Meritage Homes

Notice the gorgeous window with that view? It sure looks like one beautiful painting, super! Adding a white sectional against dark flooring is one awesome move, it complements each other.

16. Toronto Traditional Living Room

clean white home

Taylor Hannah Architect Inc.

This is one classy and clean white Toronto home. This sure needs a lot of tending especially if you have kids at home!

17. United States Living Room

living-dining space

Elad Gonen

Fabulous and glamorous! Two words that best describes this living-dining space in the United States.

18. Vancouver Contemporary Condo

living room designs

Flüff Designs & Decor

Vancouver in this picture sure has a wonderful weather, which means, this living room is ideal for watching your surroundings and just hang out.

19. Victorian School House

coffee table chest

Chris Snook

A Victorian school converted into a house – pretty lofty but beautiful altogether! Love the chest used as a coffee table.

20. West 18th Avenue

white sofa living room

Kelly Deck Design

I am not sure where this place is but it sure looks homey and comfortable; an eclectic combination of furniture but sure works for me!

That was one list I think I should have done before all the other sofas I have featured before, but all that was sure worth it, don’t you agree? If you have seen how sofas can bring beauty to a living room, I am sure that when you looked at this list of 20 Clean and Gorgeous White Sofa Living Room, it made you think of how color works in most contemporary living spaces.