20 Fashionable Ways to Add Antler Chandeliers in the Kitchen

Antler chandeliers also look amazing even in the kitchen.

So here we are again, creating lists that would actually create another fuzz – or at least that’s what we hope for. Today, is like most of the days this week – we have a list that has antler chandeliers in them! . I know this list might not interest you anymore, but I want to show you more designs and uses that you must discover. Although of course, most of the spaces in this list are either rustic, traditional, or transitional, you will surely see new ideas you never thought possible.

Below is a list of 20 Fashionable Ways to Add Antler Chandeliers in the Kitchen and I think that even when we want to opt for contemporary chandelier or pendant design, you can never say that adding or using an antler chandelier for your kitchen is a bad idea – until it is; but whether you are into rustic design or not, I still think that this list is worth the try.

antler kitchens

1. 125 Gold Flake Terrace

Antler Chandeliers kitchen

Pinnacle Mountain Homes

Now this is one kitchen that deserves to be in the beginning of this list. There are tons of antlers seen in here – from the antler pendant lamps by the kitchen bar, the antler chandelier above the small, circular table on the side and the large head by the window! How much more antler do you need?

2. 1800 Glenville Cove

medium-sized antler

Vanguard Studio Inc.

Although we do not clearly see the details on that medium-sized antler chandelier, I think that adding it in the middle of the kitchen is one nice idea. This space seems to need a little bit more decors, what do you think?

3. Alpine Ski Chalet


John Malick & Associates

This space is just interesting! The large colorful tiles as backsplash and seen in the body of the kitchen island is quite unusual. Seeing this you know that you’re looking at one eclectic and wonderful piece of art works put together.

4. Canyon Creek Kitchen

fireplace mantle

Cabinets & Designs

This picture looks like something you can see in a magazine! It looks so perfect and really stunning! The pieces of furniture are stunning, special and surely surreal – even the animal bust in the middle of the fireplace mantle! It looks something you can rarely find but would love to have!

5. Cross Lake Cabin

kitchen island

Quigley Architects

Back to the homey-looking kitchen. A space where our loving mother or father would cook dinners for us! In this Cross Lake cabin, you can see that the kitchen island serves as a kitchen bar too – wherein the home owners can have their meals, say, if they do not want to eat in the dining area. I like the feat of this kitchen where some of the appliances are kept inside those wooden cabinets.

6. Deschutes River Ranch Residence 3

chandelier design

Rozewski & Co., Designers, LLC

This Deschutes River Ranch residence’s kitchen is a bit smaller than most of the contemporary homes we see here in Home Design Lover, but I think if the kitchen island is not present, a more free kitchen would have been great – but of course, it might be that the home owners do a lot of cooking that they really needed the island.

7. Hedwig

bricks wall

Thompson Custom Homes

Bricks, bricks, bricks. Bricks for the walls and for the flooring too! I think that the color and the aura of this kitchen is nice, but looking at it clearly, it feels like a pizza restaurant kitchen! I mean, I have never been in one, but the ones I see on TV is somehow looking like this one.

8. Log Cabin Kitchen

visible slabs

Universal Contracting

I love the visible slabs just above the antler chandelier! The colors that play well in here reminds me of a log cabin I saw in a movie – a nice movie, at that. The chandelier has a strategic location which makes it the loveliest piece of furniture in this kitchen.

9. Lower Whitefish Lake #8

cabinet designs

Lands End Development

Oh, I love the color of the cabinets in here! This is one color or shade that I do not really see much of because it is usually those browns that too brown or too light or even too red; the color of the cabinets for me is great! The antler chandelier is a charmer in this list too!

10. Madeline’s Beach House

Antler Chandeliers kitchen

Dwayne Bergmann LLC

I chose to add this photo in this list because of the unique design and make of the antler chandelier in this kitchen. The cool kitchen bar with a marble counter is paired with repurposed wood and it makes it far more interesting than your regular kitchen bar.

11. Modular Home in the Laurentians

antler chandelier

David Giral Photography

Even when the antler chandelier in this kitchen looks like it needs more branches or arms, still, I think that it is beautiful. The portion of the house that is beside the kitchen has high ceilings which is well-lighted in the morning and I bet it has tons of lights during the night too.

12. New Residence at Lake Guntersville


Matheny Goldmon Architects

I have never heard of Lake Guntersville, until today. This red and brown-colored kitchen sure feel warm; primarily because you see minimal windows or openings in here and its color somehow makes me feel warm. I’m not sure what is in the middle of the kitchen island but it looks interesting and quite intriguing too.

13. Palo Pinto Ranch

large brown antler

DK Studio

Well, what do you know? A large brown antler chandelier is gracing this large Palo Pinto home. This ranch home is made with stone and wood that always complement one another and from this picture, you can really tell how pretty this kitchen is. Even the idea of this space having tons of windows makes it its selling point.

14. Park Slope Brownstone

white marble

LQ Interiors & Landscapes

Fascinated with the lovely white marble kitchen counter in this residence? I think anyone would love to have a marble countertop in their kitchens – adding a dark-colored furniture against the white marble is just beautiful and adding a white antler chandelier is just perfect!

15. Ranch on the Lake

kitchen spaces

One Swanky Shop

I know that we are supposedly talking about the antler chandeliers that are added to kitchen spaces, but take a look at the cowhide back rests that these kitchen stools have! They are just really cute and expensive-looking; I mean, not that I love them for it, but they are really beautiful, I wish I had them in my shop.

16. Rustic Atlanta Farmhouse


Blake Shaw Homes, Inc.

This farmhouse kitchen sure is one lovely space! All the wood in here is just divine, the furniture are well-chosen and the lighting fixtures were thought of too! I love the medium-sized antler chandelier that is above the dining table that somehow contrasts with it.

17. San Carlos Courtyard Cottage

white kitchen

Deborah Vieira Design

A white kitchen with a white antler chandelier above the bar. White on white is somehow a good thing from time to time but looking at this picture, it somehow makes me feel like its milk chocolate that needs a chocolate syrup or even just sprinkles. Get what I mean by that?

18. Sonoma Whole House Remodel

dark-colored antler chandeliers

Wine Country Builders, Inc.

Wow! These dark-colored antler chandeliers are neat and cute! These chandeliers being inside a lovely white kitchen meant that they would surely be seen and admired. I love how much depth this kitchen has become when the antler chandeliers and the kitchen stools were added.

19. Sutton House

kitchen lighting

Patti Wilson Interior Design

This Sutton home is blessed with a beautiful kitchen space! The lighting is fascinating, the space is large enough to accommodate even three or more people to cook and prepare the meals. The antler chandelier in this kitchen sure is large and fit for this large space as well.

20. Up North Living

Antler Chandeliers kitchen

Designs by Dawn at the Lake Street Design Studio

What a cute antler chandelier! In this picture, you know that this antler chandelier is added in this kitchen for decoration than function; obviously, a kitchen needs more lighting, but since there are a couple of lights on the ceiling already, the designer just opt to add a small antler chandelier in the center of the kitchen island.

So, what do you think about this list guys? I know how much use a chandelier or pendant light is in the kitchen, but still, remembering it to be decorative as much as it functional is still a great thing. Like the list of antler chandeliers other areas of the house, this list of 20 Fashionable Ways to Add Antler Chandeliers in the Kitchen is basically like dressing up your house – only with a lighting fixture!