15 Dainty Cream Kitchen Cabinets

Cream, like any other neutral color out there, is a great hue to work with in terms of fashion, design, and even in doing make up! Cream is one color that is very versatile and multi-purpose; it is flexible and pretty much works well with any other color in the color scheme.

This color is somewhat like beige, a very pale brown, or somewhat a pale sandy fawn – a tan or a bit greyish yellow. There is a very close color relationship in hue with cream and all the other colors we just mentioned.

Let’s talk about cabinetry. The right kitchen cabinets can make or break your kitchen’s functionality and style, not to mention your budget! But surely, as they say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

This may be a general rule for all things, so let us follow it in choosing the right cabinets for our kitchens. Using cream as the color for your cabinets, like black and white, is a great choice.

So, let us go ahead and check out the 15 Dainty Cream Kitchen Cabinets below. Enjoy!

Boston Kitchen Transformation

Cream Kitchen Cabinets

Thomas Buckborough & Associates

The cream cabinets and drawers for this kitchen complement well with the tuba granite used for the countertops; the cabinets even have similar color for the backsplash tiles but they sure complement each other. Don’t you agree?

Capitol Hill Residence

natural breaks

Knowles PS

Let natural breaks such as doors become a transition for a new finish or color. Take advantage of that door to the mudroom or laundry room that splits up your kitchen walls.

Cleveland Traditional Kitchen


Hurst Design-Build-Remodeling

We love how each item in this kitchen complement each other in color. The difference in texture and look for each item also looks fascinating – from the cabinets to the backsplash to the counters.



Colin Cadle

We totally love the cabinets and the counters, but not the floors! It’s actually nice to add prints for the floors because the cabinets and the walls are plain, but the choice of the tiles is really poor.

Dallas Traditional Kitchen

irregular cuts

Curb Appeal Renovations

The layout of this part of the kitchen may seem a bit cramped because of the irregular cuts in each angle, but it still is beautiful and really satisfactory!

Hillsdale NJ Kitchen

vintage design

Jennifer Pacca Interiors

We like how high the cabinets that this kitchen has. Because of the height of the cabinets, more storage is created for the homeowners – but we are guessing the owner of this house may actually be tall to order cabinets this high!

Mount Curve Avenue


Erotas Building Corporation

The walls are colored tan which goes well with the cabinets. The clean laidback color of the walls and the cabinets contrast well with the wood flooring.

New York Contemporary Kitchen

Cream Kitchen Cabinets

Cliq Studios Cabinetry

The cream finished shelves on the right of this photo include an area for storing wine and liquor. The colors of these cabinets contrast with the dark brown colored cabinets on the left which actually has great finish.

Omega Kitchens

kitchen set

Celia James Interior Design

This omega kitchen has a wonderful design intended for storage and for view – if you probably own this kitchen set, neighbors and friends would love to come over and admire them.

Raleigh Contemporary Kitchen


Heather Garrett Design

Simple and clean lines were used for this contemporary kitchen. The backsplash is pretty which is complemented with the sole pendant light by the window. The lighting below the upper cabinets create good ambiance too.

River Forest Renovation

mosaic tiles

Normandy Remodeling

The homeowners wanted to create a true “heart of the home” in their new kitchen, a place for family gatherings where their children and grandchildren would create fond memories for years to come.

San Francisco Contemporary Kitchen

glaze color

Nicole Sarraille Home

Don’t you just love the rich cream with a glaze color of the cabinets? Its look seems like food that is rich and creamy. Adding whites like in the island, walls and the doors make the cabinets stand out!

The Lux Getaway

espresso island

Parkyn Design

The lux getaway has this espresso island & countertop which go well together with the cream cabinets we have around the kitchen.

Toronto Restoration

kitchen island

Heintzman Sanborn

The designers said that they used walnut for the kitchen island. It’s actually gorgeous and the color complements the cabinets! The chairs are stunning too and obviously comfy and sleek.

Transitional Opaque Kitchen

Cream Kitchen Cabinets

Armstrong Kitchens

Look at how the green walls complement with the cream puffiness of the cabinets. It goes well with the flooring too! Perfect combination made in heaven!

You might have noticed that some of the kitchens that we showed above have moldings and details. Adding these is definitely an easy way to make your cabinets seem that they were custom, not to mention pretty awesome! Also, we would like to emphasize on choosing colors that will not only make your kitchen look pretty but coherent to the entire design or concept of the house – it’s good to have an eccentric feel towards your choices, but usually it may cost you more to re-do them than to design them as flexible and similar to the other parts of the house. With that being said, check out the astonishing black kitchen cabinets which is the modern way to get to things looking more sleek and sexy.