Is It a Wall or a Sofa? It is a Wallfa!

Have you ever seen a furniture that is designed based on the concept of how we use other stuffs? I’m sure you have seen one. With the many designs of furniture, lighting and other home invetions, there are many items that are created with the idea taken from how we use some everyday stuffs. Just like this furniture that we will feature today. It is like you are turned between two ideas: a wall and a sofa.

That is why it is called a Wallfa. It is an intriguing two sided furniture that both a wall and a soda. It functions as a seating and as a space divider. Because its material is like that of a hammock, you can sense what is happening on the other side with their movement, sound and touch. But aside from that, this furniture is overly comfortable which will let you relax, play and socialize.

Jordi Canudas Look how tall the backrest is for this sofa. Of course, at first you would wonder why it is designed like this.

furniture design But as you try sitting on this vertical hammock, you will realize that it has an amazing design.

Wallfa Since it is two sided, users on each side are given privacy but area aware of what is happening on the other side. So, don’t do anything crazy! Lol!

wall sofa Looking closely, you can see what I mean by “knowing what is happening on the other side!”

Wallfa I’m not sure how many people can sit here but I think three people will do. If there are four, I guess they’ll be leaning on each other’s back.

Barcelonan designer Jordi Canudas really did a great job for this design because of its multifunction. Also, it is very comfortable which is an important feature for a sofa and high enough to divide a space just like what a wall could do. Would you get this furniture for your home?