A Surprising Yet Confounding Cabinet That Explodes

This isn’t the first time that you will see a unique design for a cabinet. We have featured other interesting and distinct cabinets before which would make us think that our own cabinets look boring. But today’s feature will make you admire its bizarre design but will also make you wonder if this is really necessary for your cabinet.

Once again, Sebastian Errazuriz have designed another intriguing piece just like the Samurai cabinet we showcased here before. This time he calls it as Explosion Cabinet. From the name itself, you will know that it will seem to disintegrate into pieces. But don’t worry, the cabinet will not spit out your belongings because it will be kept inside a glass. What explodes are the wooden beams that wraps the glass. Errazuri used a complex mechanics to achieve this cabinet using sliding dovetail technique which is an old cabinetmaking trick. But how he used it is definitely contemporary!

cabinet The cabinet is made from glass, maple and stainless steel. When closed, it stands as a humble piece of wooden credenza.

Sebastian Errazuriz But inside this maple wood covering is a transparent side panels.

Explosion Cabinet This is how the cabinet explodes. A simple pull or a gentle push will cause its wooden members to move.

Cabinet design When we look closely, these are the wooden beams that extend and extrude outwards.

cabinet furnitures As you pull, the internal rails will be further from each other making it appear like exploded.

Exploding Cabinet I think if you have nothing to do or you want some fun, you can try pulling your cabinet apart. Stress reliever, eh?

geometric Cabinets Look at the intricate geometries of this cabinet from its wooden framework!

Explosion Cabinet And look at how beautiful it is when it fully exploded!

Wow! Isn’t this very impressive? Well, some may not be happy of the fact that their cabinet will explode and might even find it unnecessary. But if we look into how each wooden rails where carefully put together to just slide away from each other is genius! Sebastian Errazuriz really nailed it! When the cabinet is fully exploded it shows an aesthetically beautiful piece that you’ll mistaken as a sculpture. Well well well, nothing is really impossible with a creative mind!