Create Your Own Throw Pillow Story to Spice-up Your Couch

Some people may look at pillows as an accessory of a comfortable sleep or to make one’s rest more relaxing. But these are not just found in the bedrooms but also in the living rooms as well. Throw pillows are seen on couches these days and they offer more than just comfort. It comes in various fabrics, sizes and shapes. It can be a great accent to the couch, thus, giving the living room a great look.

One can get a different story depending on how they design their pillows. It can also tell the kind of personality the homeowners have. You can freely make your room look eclectic, modern, traditional and many others. Some people personally work on their pillow fabrics and thus create a totally unique story for their couches and living rooms. So, if you want to liven up your couch, you can try the tips below. This can help you attain a distinct throw pillow story for your home.

1. Consider your window treatments.

Consider your window treatments


When you have decided to add more spice to your couch, you should also look into your window treatments. You can match the pillow covers to your window treatment. You can even use the same color or print of your curtain to the pillow. That would create oneness in your living room. Or you can take some colors from your curtain and use them as colors to your throw pillow covers. Like if your curtain is printed with red, pink and green, then you can have throw pillows with those colors. Aside from matching it to the curtains, you can try choosing a reversed color. If your curtain is green with beige floral prints, you can try using beige pillows with green prints of vines. This way, it would still look good together.

2. Have at least one pair of the same pillows.

Have at least one pair of the same pillows


If you have chosen to use various pillow designs, it would be better if you have at least one pair of the same designs. Or you can also have pairs of pillows for every color or design. This creates order in your couch decorations. You can have 3-5 pillows on your couch. Some also add more but be sure that there is still ample space available. That also depends on the size of your sofa.

3. Mix plain and prints.

Mix plain and prints

Karina Theresia

If you combine pillows with plain fabrics and printed fabrics, it would look good especially that the printed ones will be neutralized and contrasted. If you do not have pairs of the same pillows, using this technique can also work well and would also create order in your pillows. It would surely add a different look to your couch. It can even make it look more attractive.

4. Use patterns as covers.

Use patterns as covers


Patterns can also look good on your pillows especially if you want to get a little bit of retro or vintage look. You can use damask prints, striped prints, floral, and many others. It will actually look good on your couch especially if your couch is of plain color. It would look very noisy if your couch is printed and you use printed pillows, too. So, be careful.

5. Try high-end fabrics.

Try high-end fabrics

WC Design Studio

Do not hesitate to use expensive fabrics for your throw pillows. Anyway, you won’t be needing too much of it. So, splurge some for your pillow covers and get those fabrics that you had always wanted. At least, you won’t have to buy a lot unlike if you use it as bed cover.

6. Add some pillow accents.

Add some pillow accents

Sarah James Moss

Your pillows will look lovelier if you place tassels on it or some floppy bullion fringe or anything that would make it look more luxurious. Doing this can give your living room a European or Victorian look. Pair those accents to luxe fabrics like linen and silk.

7. Concentrate on textures for a modern look.

Concentrate on textures for a modern look


When you have a modern living room, you can opt to concentrate on different textures. You can do this by using upholstery, center buttons, blocks of colors, contrasting piping, handmade fabric flanges and many others. These would certain make your pillow and your couch very attractive.

8. Try some graphic pillows.

Try some graphic pillows


If you want to have a more artistic look, try using pillows with graphics or maybe with some interesting typography. You can pair that with a striped pillow or with pillows of geometrical prints. It will look good together and could give you a modern, eclectic or contemporary look.

9. Use plain colors.

Use plain colors


Some homeowners prefer to use plain colored pillows. Others even use the same color as their couch which gives it a minimal look. You can also use pillows of various plain colors. It will also look good.

10. Be creative.

Be creative

Kerry Ann Dame

Giving more life to your couch and to your entire living room doesn’t really have to be a hard job. It is just simple especially if you are crafty. But if you are not, you can always grab the ones you think would look good from the mall. Be as creative as you can be and choose pillow fabrics that would suit your taste, your couch and your living room.

Mixing pillow fabrics is actually fun. Aside from adding beauty to your room, it can also be a way to awaken your creative side. Once you have started, you will have fun decorating your pillows every now and then. You can even combine the old pillow covers to your new ones, making them all look brand new and giving your living room a new look. You can also try other make-over ideas for your home.