Decorative and Functional Bulles Wall Tiles Can Be Used as Storage

We have seen many wall storage designs from simple floating shelves to those with pockets. Well, actually it is easy to DIY wall storage. You can merely use containers and install them on the wall or even cans and others. Some even use boxes or paper bags and attach them to the wall. Pretty easy and very useful for the home. What we are going to show you today is a wall storage that is made from concrete and is called Bulles.

If you look into it, a bulle would refer to bubbles and this wall tile is inspired by bubbles. The wall tile would have some bubble on it that can be used as a soap tile, wall lamp, towel-hanger, coat-hanger and others. It can even be used as a bird manger or a flowerpot. Amazing, right? The Bulles is a concrete tiles that can be used both for the interior and exterior. It is both decorative and functional and is made of 100% mineral concrete. As for its installation, it is done the same way as a traditional tile. Take a look at how the Bulles can be used:

There are eight different designs for the Bulles wherein each has a function. There is a Hanging bubble tile, soap dish tile, nature tile and a magnet tile that can be used as keys magnet, or knives magnet.

tiles There is also a flat decorative tile, bubble decorative tile, bowl decorative tile and a wall lamp tile. You can combine them all together in one wall.

wall storage The Bulles is a concrete tile that measures 30 x 30 cm and is manufactured by Arkheia.

Storage What you see here are the different wall tiles with varying functions. You can mix these tiles in your wall or just choose a few functions that you need for a certain part of your house.

Functional Bulles The bubble also come in different sizes too which adds beauty to the wall tiles. It has one or more bubbles on the tile which gives it a distinct look.

Bulles This is how the actual Bulles wall tile looks like. You can use it in a wider wall if you want to.

Interesting tile design right? It is amazing that aside from being a wall cover and a wall decor, it has functions too. Not just one function but many different usage. This tile is from La Corbeille Editions S.a.r.l and sure is an interesting item for the home. Another good feature is that it can be used both inside and outside the house. While adding a lovely decor to the wall, the Bulles will help us store our favorite items too. What can you say about the Bulles?