20 Rustic Collections of Antique Lightings

Most people out there, that includes me – although I’m not really into collectibles- do really love a vintage look and antique collections. Antique is a Latin word which means old, which is commonly defined as old collectible items such as furniture or work of art which has a considerable age. In addition, they are collectible because of its beauty, rarity, condition and unique features. Because of these features which are very sophisticated kind of style, vintage look is a rage among interior designers at present.

A home that is ornamented with vintage pieces emanates a sense of comfort and charm. Managing a vintage look is not that hard to achieve, there are just small pieces you must take into consideration when designing; from flooring, walls, furniture to decors which includes the lighting that gives a polish look. These lightings would heighten the beauty of other vintage decors that surrounds your homes giving it a complete look.

1. Folk Art

antique lightings

Kelly & Company Home

This lighting have come to a form from an antique object – ice cream freezers – that tends to become a lamp, stunningly bring a nice decor to the room.

2. 1920’s French Wrought Iron

hanging lantern

Olde Good Things

This beautiful pair of hanging lanterns would be an additional light to your living rooms or patios that gives a sense of elegance.

3. Lighting Royal Crown Table Lamp

table lamp

Regina Andrew

Add a touch of royalty, base of this lamp is curved like a shape of a royal crown bringing a real place like palace.

4. Teardrop Chandelier

beads chandelier

Charmean Neithart Interiors

This faceted glass beads chandelier sparkles and shines in your bedrooms or dining area that reflects the old world glamour of classic European design.

5. Lighting Changement Chandelier

metal chandelier

Aidan Gray

This antique chandelier can be dressed up with or without those elegant cream shades, giving an equally a rustic romance.

6. Adobe Ranch

antique lightings

DD Ford

That antique chandelier completes the feeling of a countryside home giving a warm atmosphere and elegant style.

7. Crystal Lights Gold Leaf Wall Sconce

wall sconce

Currey & Company

Adorn your elegant spaces with a sconce made from wrought iron finished in aged gold leaf plus decorative details like beads that reflects a deep sense of richness.

8. Vintage Floor Lamp

floor lamp

Loma Decor

This floor lamp is perfect beside a lounge chair that would give a dramatic sense on your bedrooms.

9. Regis English Bronze Chandelier

crystal chandelier

Jessica Lagrange

Now you can add grace into your decorative interior with a chandelier polished with crystal, a very unique fixture that would be a masterpiece on royalty-like homes.

10. Antique Table Lamps

table lamps

Jenny Baines

A pair of column table lamp with fluted stems is perfect in long tables with mirror at the center an amazing glow to the area.

11. Vintage Chandeliers

frosted flower chandelier

Siemasko + Verbridge

This spectacular huge-scale cluster chandelier made with weathered brass can be a perfect accent in your bedroom vanities.

12. Antique Copper Light

copper fixtures

L K DeFrances &Associates

The antique copper light fixture and custom fabricated-stone hood gives the kitchen a more glowing and histrionic feeling.

13. Hanging Lamp

steel hanging lamp

Archer & Buchanan Architecture

Seriously, these eye catching dome-shape hanging lamps are a perfect piece for any industrial-chic designed spaces!

14. Reproduction Medium Chateau

crystal beads lantern

Kathy Kuo

These are very classic and elegant for living rooms, designed with beaded glass crystals from a mixture of metals.

15. Willow Basket

basket chandelier

Eco First Art

These gorgeous willow basket are crafted from antique French willow baskets that are good as side lamps in your bedrooms.

16. Vintage Zinc Buckets

zinc buckets chandelier

Staprans Design

These are very cool vintage collection made from old buckets of zinc; rustic and chic with its rust-pitted handles, casting a wonderful filtered light patterns.

17. Trough Chandeliers

trough chandelier

Peridot Interior

Really want a vintage look? Take it from this old zinc trough, a great piece of accessory especially for barn and ranch houses.

18. Lighting Carson Side Lamp

side lamp

Aidan Gray

Countryside look is enhanced with this understated base wood lamp topped with linen shade overlaid with a rustic chicken wire.

19. Bubba Hay-Carrier Hanging Lamp

hanging lamp

Mike Wolfe

Any masculine room is completed with this rusted hay carrier enhanced with hanging lights that gives a sophisticated antique look.

20. Persian Pendant Lights

antique lightings

Emery Design and Woodwork

This pendant light matches seemingly to the tone and textures of the kitchen revealing a historic sense.

Collecting antiques would somehow cost you a lot of money for you are paying for its name and quality but you need not go to antique shops all the time to complete your antique collections. Sometimes it would be better to pick out old items from your past that can be refurbished to have homes with a classic vintage makeover.