20 Glorious Old Mansion Bedrooms

Seeing pictures of mansions take me back to the days when I was younger and watched tons of cartoons with boys and girls living in mansions who were taken away from their homes and lives in a rotten house of some sort and then of course as it all turns out comes to terms with the bad guys in the show and ends up bringing them back to their families and live in the mansions again.

According to Wikipedia, a mansion is a large dwelling house. The word itself derives from the Latin word mansion “dwelling”, an abstract noun derived from the verb manere “to dwell”. The English word “manse” originally defined a property large enough for the parish priest to maintain himself, but a mansion is no longer self-sustaining in this way. ‘Manor’ comes from the same root – territorial holdings granted to a lord who would remain there – hence it is easy to see how the word ‘Mansion’ came to have its meaning. Let us check the pictures below.

1. Alessandra Model in Miramonte at Grey Oak

old mansion bedrooms

Diamond Custom Homes, Inc.

Structured small or big patterned duvet, refined patterns. I love it!

2. Allure Collection

Allure Collection

Alluring Interiors

Cool background color statement bedding glamorous mirrored furniture. Don’t you just love this bedroom?

3. Belle Meade Residence

Belle Meade

William Johnson Architects

There is a lot about this bedroom that totally struck me as awesome – the drapes, the chandelier, the curtains on the head board and definitely the bed!

4. Gulf Shore Blvd N Private Residence

Gulf Shore

Harwick Homes

I think that the foot stools are lovely! I like the bed in this room too!

5. Heather McManus Bedroom

Heather McManus

Artistry Interiors, LLC

This bedroom maybe narrow than usual mansion bedrooms, but the designer sure made very well use of the space.

6. Lion House in Barnes

Lion House

White Linen Interiors Ltd.

This is just a fantastic bedroom!

7. Los Angeles Fan Bedroom

Los Angeles

Just Joh

Linens are an indispensable part of bedroom decor, with a wide variety of colors and patterns available. However, when transporting a corpse through the hallway, it’s always best to wrap it in sheets of a darker hue, as they tend to attract less notice from passing scullery maids.

8. Mansion, Old Greenwich

Old Greenwich

Vanni Archive

I totally like space and extra furniture and draped windows in this New York old mansion.

9. Miami New Contemporary Model

old mansion bedrooms

The Decorators Unlimited

Love the mirrors and pendant light next to the bed; I like how this seems like a very well planned “system” at the master bedroom; missing the lighting for reading above the bed though.

10. Miami Traditional Bedroom

Barry Grossman

Barry Grossman

Finally, a glorious old mansion master bedroom! This Miami bedroom is definitely a classic!

11. New York Master Bedroom

New York

Prestige Custom Building

Don’t you just love a nicely carved canopy bed for your bedroom for that old mansion feel!

12. Old World Charm

World Charm

Electronics Design Group, Inc.

Love the woodwork and lighting on the ceiling.

13. Philadelphia Traditional Bedroom

Mahoney Builders

E. B. Mahoney Builders, Inc.

The whole look minus the window treatments!

14. Plumwood Drive

old mansion bedrooms

Meghan Blum Designs

If there is any room in your house where you will be frequently looking at the ceiling, the bedroom is it. The exposed trusses in this space provide marvelous detail and interest.

15. Queen Master Bedroom

Nice Interiors

Twice As Nice Interiors

A master bedroom fit for a queen. Custom upholstery and drapery in ivory silks and velvets, accented with blush tones. Amazing faux finish in blush tones, and gold leaf for the center dome ceiling to highlight the crystal chandelier.

16. Raleigh Transitional Bedroom

Raleigh Transitional

Heather Garrett Design

Totally love the chandelier in this bedroom! We have a lovely bed that is surely comfortable and inviting!

17. Residence in Newport Beach

Newport Beach

27 Diamonds Interior Design

I love the dark grey ceiling with the wall paper just really nice!

18. Seattle Modern Bedroom

Seattle Modern

Miller Interior Design

Mid-century modern meets African motifs, with just a little bit of dungeon chic thrown in for good measure.

19. Sky Harbour East

Sky Harbour

Elizabeth Lindholm Interiors, Inc.

Look at how romantic the head board of this bedroom is! This space is simple but really elegant and classy!

20. United States Master Bedroom

old mansion bedrooms

Paxton Lockwood

A monochromatic Master bedroom that is warm and cozy and sexy all at the same time. The sheered wall behind the bed can be lit according to the owners’ mood. Glass beaded wall paper on the ceiling and behind the sheers add a bit of glamour and shimmer.

In this list, we only focused on the bedrooms we can see in mansions, and believe it or not, once in a while I imagine these spaces when we look forward a couple more years will be a bit haunted of some sort – or, well, maybe not. But this list sure is one stunning and fun list to check out once in a while and discover how stunning and glorious these bedrooms are!