20 Fancy Golden Colored Bed Linens

It is not every day that we are interested into purchasing golden-colored linens for the bedroom or anywhere for that matter. What we purchase are linens or bedding with gold or silver linings in them, but not really the whole gold or silver chunk in them. Why is this so? Truth be told is because gold is a very bold color, especially the ones which are bright colored.

Today, we will be showing you 20 Fancy Golden Colored Bed Linens that sure is fancy just because of their colors – but some of the designs on the fabrics in this list can pass contemporary bedroom designs, while some are super sophisticated that they are only ideal for special occasions. Check out the linens below.


1. Antique Rose

Antique Rose

Store Patio

Beautiful roses printed on the fabric of this comforter set!

2. Chinese Wedding Dragon

Chinese Wedding

Yangxi Bonbo Bedding

So Chinese people have specific beddings used on the wedding day – pretty interesting!

3. Elegant Gold Grey Tencel

Elegant Gold

Royal Home

The color combination of this bedding set is rather stunning and sophisticated!

4. Christmas Duvet Covers in Gold

Christmas Duvet

Soul Vision

If this is my bed for Christmas, I’d be more interested in sleeping in than opening my presents!

5. Gold Color Seam Natural Mulberry

Natural Mulberry

Lily Silk

This creamy-looking bedding looks rich and super beautiful!

6. Tribute Silk Bed Clothes

Bedding World

Bedding World

Love the color of this bedding from Bedding World with the awesome head board and the added candelabra on the floor!

7. Gold Jacquard

fancy beddings

Ywxuege Home

Wonderful head board and fancy beddings, what more do you need in the bedroom, really?

8. Queen & King Golden Bedding

bedroom set-up Creative bedroom set-up which would be ideal for the master bedroom.

9. Golden Tencel Silk Bedding Set

fancy Silk

Royal Home

Gold colored linen with white prints in it – simple and fancy all at the same time.

10. Halifax



The color palette of the bedding is pretty similar with the area carpet and the flooring!

11. Jacquard Embroidery Satin

bedsheet Embroidery Satin Lovely swirls on this set would be a good choice for your bedding.

12. Satin Jacquard Bedding

Graceful Homewear

Graceful Homewear

This is one bright bedding set that I might go crazy over because o how bright it is on the eyes!

13. Carmichael


Madison Park

Madison Park sure did a great job in the design of the fabric with this golden bed linen.

14. New Europe Style

golden bed sheet pillow case

Bang’s Textile Factory

Great bedroom set-up with a fancy bed linen set and an awesome head board!

15. Noble Jacquard

Noble Gold design

Charm Ladies Store

Charm Ladies Store’s presenting this Noble Gold Jacquard Tribute Silk Bedding Set which would be awesome for anyone’s bedroom!

16. New Fashion Silk Bedding Set

bedroom Fashion I loved the star on the table beside the bed – but of course, I love the pillows too!

17. Quilt Blanket Comforter Cover

golden bed linens Here is one golden bed linens that I’d super love to have!

18. Spring Gold Bedding Set

Glamorous linens

Yangxi Bonbo Bedding Factory

Glamorous bedding sheet from Yangxi Bonbo Bedding Factory that will match any bedroom you have – oh well, I’m guessing. Haha!

19. Gold Pure Color Vintage Floral

Indian Pattern

Enjoy Bedding

Totally dig the vintage floral Indian patterns on the fabric!

20. Neela Gold

Bed Collection


A pretty gold bedding with intricate details.

If this list was too bright for you, I’m pretty sure that you can pick other colors for you! Bedrooms are obviously made more beautiful and fun with the linens that you use in them – for the bed, the pillows and the curtains or drapes! Hope that this list made a difference in your linen search!