20 Cute Bedroom Ideas You’ll Surely Love

Want a cute bedroom for your kids? Here are some inspirations you'll surely love.

When we think of cute bedrooms, we often associate it with childish decor and colors. Yes, it may be more of a child-inspired room but what is more pleasingly pretty to the eyes than to have a touch of youth in it? This kind of style is not limited to kids rooms only. You can also have a dainty look in your master bedroom as well. Getting an adorable appeal has something to do with the decor you used and of course colors. The key is to use eye-candy colors or muted ones, which we all know are charming to look at.

Here is a list that will inspire and help you in achieving a charming bedroom design that you have always wanted. Have fun and enjoy browsing through our gallery of 20 Cute Bedroom Ideas we hand-picked especially for you. You will see a lot of beautiful mixes- colors, patterns and textures in this article. It will amaze you at how some simple designs turned out to be a darling. So come on and swoon over to these charmers.

1. Bright Hues

Cute Bedroom Ideas

Touch Interiors

Using fun bright hues on your wall art, pillows, duvets can easily boost your space and these accents can easily be swapped once you want to change the mood.

2. Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Pottery Barn

Add glam and charm with these mix and match white frames with gold prints and a punch of personal touch with this adorable Pagoda Monogram.

3. Rock Star Room

Rock Star Room

Taylor Design Studio

With its stage-like appeal, adorable purple pillows, duvets and ruffle curtains this room rocks with glamour.

4. Hints of Yellow

Hints of Yellow

Lily Z Design

The hints of yellow in this girl’s bedroom give an instant joyful and youthful glow.

5. Blue As The Sky

Blue As The Sky


Create a dreamy and serene place for your teen with this space-saver loft bed in muted blue.

6. Pink And Purple

Pink And Purple

Lily Z Design

This almost all white bedroom design was made gorgeous with pops of stylish pink and purple accents.

7. Chartreuse


Dkor Interiors Inc.

Wrapping your accent walls in pretty chartreuse can instantly give your room a bold modern update.

8. Disney Themed Bedroom

Disney Themed Bedroom

Mig Furniture Design, Inc.

Who would not find a Mickey Mouse inspired bedroom design, cute?

9. Solid Vibrant Colors

Cute Bedroom Ideas

Belvisi Furniture

Using bold, solid colors in your child’s room that create a cohesive look is sure to bring modern and youthful vibe.

10. Floor To Ceiling

Floor To Ceiling

Tucker & Marks

For an enchanting look in your vintage-inspired room, upholstered your walls to ceiling in green forest toile and use a carpet with the same design for a unified look.

11. Fabulous Red

Fabulous Red

Jennifer Brouwer Design

Bring drama and glamour in your space with this fabulously cute hearts theme bedroom in red and pink.

12. Mobiles


Jaffa Group Design Build

If you think that mobiles are only for babies, you are wrong. Create a whimsical room for your growing child by using a group of mobiles arranged in tableau on your ceiling and help your child boost her imagination.

13. Clean Lines

Clean Lines


I don’t know about you, but I always find clean lines and retro colors pretty adorable for a kid’s room.

14. Bubblegum Pink

Cute Bedroom Ideas

SB Long Interiors

Windows dressed in pink grosgrain trimmed roman shades, a modern white pendant hung above, a pink canopy with orange trim above a daybed make this white and bubblegum pink room so adorable.

15. Cozy Lighting

Cozy Lighting


A dainty and warm look can be achieved with the help of some good lighting. The cozier the room the more appealing it is.

16. Raspberry Pink

Raspberry Pink

Kate Thornley

Keeping the palette simple when a bold hue dominates the room is a great way to make the room fun but not overpowering.

17. Playful Patterns

Playful Patterns

Samir Salah

Brighten your room with a mix of different patterns from your accent walls to your area rug.

18. Polka Dot

Polka Dot

Jill Litner Kaplan Interiors

Liven up your space with these pretty polka dots in pastel and have a playful vibe.

19. Coral Pink

Coral Pink

Cottage Company Interiors

Coral pink and white striped walls frame a white four poster bed in this sweet girl’s bedroom.

20. Castle Bed

Cute Bedroom Ideas

Go Modern

Spark your child’s imagination by giving her a modern-castle-inspired bunk bed with desk, wardrobe and bookcases in one.

These bedrooms are so adorable! I can’t get enough of them! Candy-colored walls, soft and vibrant hues and mix of playful patterns can give your room an instant update that is fun and charming. Aiming to get a cute and dainty room is another excuse to break some rules and have loads of fun. I hope you enjoyed our list of cute bedroom ideas.